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10 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

10 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is certainly a force to reckon and have helped drive sales for many businesses. We have tested many twitter strategies over the years. As part of its earnings statement yesterday, Twitter said its number of monthly average users grew to 271 million — up 24 percent year-over-year. (That, coupled with a 129 percent increase in revenue, drove Twitter’s stock up about 30 percent in after-hours trading.) The truth is, everyone wants to get a huge amount of followers. What do you need to do to get these would you do to get these new followers? Why do you want these followers? Check out these 10 awesome tips to get more twitter followers

Twitter followers posts

1. Make lists of your twitter followers. the goal here is to keep them private or public starting by the most influential. This list allows you to attempt interaction with these people . Persistence is key to getting noticed on twitter

2. Headlines of links we love are easy to publish. However, you better off tweet a photo about an important event in your life. Also, if you read or come across a helpful article, don’t hesitate to share and tweet that, too.

3. Monitor the key words of your industry so that you can find these words in tweets from the main people that are relevant to your industry.  Tools like SocialBro or ManangeFitter are great to search fro keywords within certain people’s bios before you follow them.

4. The @ symbol marks the beginning of a user’s Twitter handle. Here at SOR, we use @sorevellers.  You want to use this symbol whenever you want to mention someone and want them to know what your tweet is about.

5. We all agree that words and links can be great. However, in the age that we live in , you must engage your followers with creative and informative pictures and videos. Visual Content is king.

6. There are chats of all sorts at anytime and on a various range of subjects. Think about joining a Twitter chat of your own, as a great way to meet other users in your industry . Always be yourself when using Twitter.

7. Always managed to stay engaged: Follow and participate in all current trending news and topics. Your favourite show is on?  Have something to say on a political issue? Tweet about it.  Major Football, Basketball, Soccer events are on: you got it. Tweet about it

8. Patience is truly a virtue and Twitter is no different. In fact , the more you do some retweeting, replying to and favoriting other people’s tweets, you will create engagement within your following. And, of course, remember to tweet content that’s valuable.

9. Make sure you share articles more than once . This way, you can personalize retweets in a way that get you attention from new readers or the authors himself.

10. Every blog post has a quotable sentence.  Sometimes, you might not be sure about what to add to the tweet,the simplest and easiest is to find the sentence that really stands out in your opinion and use it instead of the article’s title


What tip do you like the most? Which one have you tried already? Please leave us some comments

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