3 Chrome Extensions To Help You Land the Job You Want

3 Chrome Extensions To Help You Land the Job You Want




























The job market is very difficult these days. A lot of todays recruiters, especially the good ones, tap into social recruiting to see how tech savvy their applicants are. More so, they take a look into the online reputation that you have been forging over the years. Great talent can be found by looking past Linkedin and use appropriate candidates for the right position. This can be challenging for many but this is when Society of Revellers comes in. We narrowed this list down to three recruiter-approved Chrome extensions to assist you with your search and land the job you want. Of course, you know the drill: be active on all your social media platforms, retweet, comment, use google ‘s+1, share everywhere relevant to your field, and generally try to build positive, two-way relationships online. If you do these activities steadily, you will enhance your social networking presence and land the job you desired, no matter where you are located at the present time.

1.  Discoverly

Discoverly is for anyone needing to network, like 1) job hunters 2) salespeople 3) recruiters 4) entrepreneurs and even 5) journalists looking for sources.  Discoverly has been one of the favourite tools for recruiters in order to increase the number of referrals from people you know, more specifically your friends and employees—The extension works great. Once you complete the installation ans restart your browser, all you have to do is to contact or potential contact on LinkedIn, and Discoverly will tell you if you have mutual Facebook friends. You can then proceed to an introduction

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2. Connectifier

Another great tool to use is Connectifier. It is quickly becoming “la poupee cherie” of the recruiters. To see why it has been on everyone’s lips, it is currently free to use. The big draw to Connectifier, is that it reveals more places where you hang out, more contact details, and links to your blog. Connectifier is a sidebar that appears in your browser to give you additional sourcing information for the best talent such as an email address, GitHub profile, or personal homepage. Press “Add To Chrome” to get started.

























3. Leaf

This extension promises you one thing: The ability to get insights about anyone, without ever leaving Twitter. Now you can instantly access precise and meaningful analytics about your followers, influencers, competitors or even yourself, directly from Twitter or Tweetdeck! Infact, Leaf enables you to get rich data on Twitter users, pretty much all the stuff that you want to know before you follow someone.  the main focus here should be growth: If someone’s follower base is growing, he or she is likely sharing and engaging well. You can now weed out the people whom you follow but are not tweeting.





























Leaf is undergoing constant growth and we are looking forward to see what additional improvements get made to the platform.

Here you have it. These three extensions will be putting your social job search in full effect and you will be able to achieve your goals.

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