4 African Revellers That are About to Blow up

4 African Revellers That are About to Blow up

We noticed these revellers at the end of last year and did not have the change to write about them. The continent is breeding some superstars at the moment and I wanted to share a few of them with you. Have you heard about any of these companies or people? Do you like what they are doing? Leave us any feedback that you may have in the comments section below:

1. Dent de Man


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Created in East London during the summer of 2012, Dent de Man demonstrates a unique approach to style with a mixture of modern classic tailoring and individually sourced fabrics. Dent de Man suggests a distinct lifestyle defined by freedom and quality, empowering individuals to dress for themselves. Self-expression is core to Dent de Man’s philosophy. Creating a combination of ornate prints and with a contemporary aesthetic, the designs manage to remain both vintage and directional in their concept, highly representative of new-traditionalism. Dent de Man allows effortless, playful style for the free-thinking gentleman.

2. Isossy Children 













“Think little sapeurs, think dapper gentlemen and smooth style.” As soon as I saw these cuts I had the biggest smile on my face. Founded by Amanda Rabor in 2010 and crafted in England, Isossy Children stands for a global culture, “In times of change and diverse living, fashion can reflect diverse cultures for up-and-coming generations to own, to claim and to wear in everyday life. It’s for the new global citizens of the world” – via @OkayAfrica

3. Okunoren Twins










Okunoren Twins recently released a new lookbook featuring a wide selection of sharp and dapper suits. Doctrine of Style Part 1 combines fine tailoring and precious wool fabrics with fleur-de-lys symbols – See more at OkayAfrica


4. Call Me Tosinger











You can call her ‘Tosinger’. She was born and raised in Nigeria (Abeokuta, Ogun State) in the late 70′s ( and in the UK) and have spent her adult life in Ibadan ( as a student in the University of Ibadan) , in the UK (graduated with an MA in International Relations from Nottingham University) and currently reside in the US (where I recently graduated with an MA in Arts Administration from SCAD – Savannah College of Art & Design) . She is an Afrosoul/YorubaFolk Singer/Songwriter (you can visit www.tosinger.com for more about my music) and a Writer & Creative Arts professional. Her blog is a space for her to share some of what I find interesting and inspiring in theArts and Culture arena as it relates to the African continent and the diaspora, this is a passion of hers. She is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia where she experiences the daily multitasking of life as a wife and a mother to two wonderful boys, as an Artist, and as a Freelance Writer and Consultant. Email HER at tosinger@yahoo.com. Beautifully Dreaming… Positively Doing…


Artist & Art Administrator

The Art – Singer/Songwriter


The Business – Independent Consultant (Creative Arts Brand Consultation & Event/Project Management, PR Copywriter/Writer) dba Dreamweavers Ent

Interests: Creative Arts, Music, Nature, Fashion, Film, Theatre, Books, Poetry, Travel…

Music Connoisseur. Arts & Culture Ambassador. Passionate. Spiritual. Artsy with an Afro-Bohemian tendency :)










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