7 Things That Should Be On Your Resume

7 Things That Should Be On Your Resume

Your resume could be better – even with those internships and reference letters under your belt – You still do not think that your professional profile – can secure you the job of your dream.


Not all resumes are going to be perfect. And that is okay. As someone who came out of university at the time when the recession had just began and when you’re up against someone with five or even ten years of at least semi-relevant experience, it makes the battleground even more difficult to be competing in. Competing is one thing, but winning is the ultimate prize when searching for a job. Every position matters and should be worth noting when trying to demonstrate your skills, adding all these projects, assignments and achievements you might have forgot about, are the keys to your job finding.

Here are seven rules to break in your job search starting immediately. You have nothing to lose by stepping out of the box and bringing more of your power to every stage of the job-search process.

No worries, here are 7 great examples to showcase those skills and take back this job that you wanted so bad:

1. Self Learning

Today, being able to demonstrate a certain level of expertise using project management, Adobe Suit, Open Source softwares, Filelab, Canva, SAP, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Google Analytics, just to name a few ones can get you noticed by firms who recognize that taking up a new skill under your sleeve is remarkable, especially in this ever changing technological era we live in

2. Social Media Savviness

Knowing your way around Twitter, Facebook Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest can be an asset for you especially if you have an active account and a respectful number of followers. It is also great to add your skills in content automation via Hootsuite, Conversocial, Spredfast, SocialBro, Edgar, Twitter Chats and LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Ads. You want to show that you have the expertise required to impress the communications or PR department that still debates whether or no the company needs a social media strategy.

3. Content Creation

Blogging is a must if you have not started yet. These days, your online resume is your portfolio. Launching a Youtube channel, showing your subject matter expertise in a podcast or a video blog. If you have been building a community of followers, use those numbers and display it on your resume. Letting your thoughts be known is an excellent demonstration of self-discipline and being outgoing. Employers will respect that as you showcase a bit of your passion and your personality. Your digital presence is key my friends.

4. Case Studies , Essays and White Papers

Have you recently headed up a research project? While taking my E-Business program at Algonquin College, I was a team leader in most of the Project Management and Advertising courses. If you write an industry relevant paper that your professor enjoyed, when you take on such role, it requires attention to detail, problem solving and analytical thinking – those three skills have always been in high demand by nearly every employer. The goal here is to show the extent of your work, so demonstrate passion when talking about a project that you did. What I learned during my stint at getting job interviews, is that most employers don’t only want to know what you did, they want the gritty nitty on the reason why you did it.

5. Freelance Projects

Remember that project you did for the business near your campus? Or the couple of weeks you spent at that non-profit solving its biggest problem? Those mini-projects weren’t real jobs, no… but they were real experience. List every relevant project you’ve ever taken on. Display the impact you had on the organization you served (quantify!). Show your entrepreneurial spirit! And you’ll catch the attention of a hiring manager looking for someone not afraid to take on a project alone.

 6. Industry Relevant Competitions

When speaking of not being afraid to stick your neck out for what you want, I mean participating in relevant competitions – online job boards, through various online communities, industry associations, the local chamber of commerce, and your fraternity or sorority – are a great way to punch up your resume. Although a bonus (instant credibility), winning isn’t necessary!

Just show that you have competed for the third consecutive time at the regional business plan competition, for example, and entrepreneurial minded employers will be impressed. These organizations also make for great networking and keyword elements on your resume. An employer might say, “You were in the Alpha Kappa Psi CASE competitions? So was I!” And, just like that, a relationship has started – and an advantage gained.

7. Anything Leadership

That person with the three to five years of experience on their resume… have they attended your industries’ annual convention this year? Last year? Ever? Probably not, but perhaps you did – giving you another advantage over the competition. While you were out there listening to Seth Godin, Dan Pink and Matt Cutts, your competition was watching Wheel of Fortune in their pyjamas. Who would you hire?Being involved in positive organizations such as on-campus clubs, volunteer assignments, part-time retail jobs, heading up a fund-raiser or a committee, campus ambassadorships, is great to show that you are willing to put community before themselves. Actions that you have done  and find memorable, life changing. Essentially, anything that shows you were leading from out front must go on your resume. We all have levels of knowledge/expertise that we want. Again, be sure to show your impact; don’t just say you are a lifelong learner, show your impact and talk about what you learned.


Reverse Mentorship

All that social media and blogging experience you’ve obtained. Have you ever thought about putting it to good use? Ever walk a CEO through a Social Media workshop, presentation , or a Twitter chat? Or set up a WordPress blog for a solopreneur? Maybe helped get a Mom and Pop shop’s books in order, then show them how to run Quickbooks? Each of these instances of reverse mentorship shows you are willing to give back and teach across generational boundaries – a fine, and marketable, skill in today’s workforce.

Remove THIS from Your Resume

When you’re all done with the newest version of resume – when you’ve added all your relevant accomplishments – you’re going to take one more step guaranteed to help you compete better…

Unless you are going into a field where these things still matter (medical, engineering, law, etc.), you are going to get rid of everything that makes you look like a current or recent student. Everything!

GPA, relevant coursework, expected graduation dates – all of it. Why? Because no one hires students. They hire capable, work-ready young professionals prepared to help them achieve their goals and solve their problems. On your resume and LinkedIn profile: Don’t be a student.

How does your resume look now? More professional? More complete? Perhaps less… lacking?


Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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