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About Society of Revellers – A propos de nous

rev.el.ler noun 1 One who partakes in great pleasures or delights 2 One who is self confident working in his field and 3 Take great pride in every project that he works on

We have been thoughtful enough to not only define ourselves as a Social Media Strategy firm, instead describing ourselves as a digital think-tank, called the Society of Revellers, based out in Ottawa, Canada.

Founded in 2011, the Society of Revellers, primarily focus on online marketing, strong content creation by giving you the proper exposure and build the right kind of buzz by placing your content on the right venues. It has also been said by other agencies, such as Hasai, a Social Media Strategy firm, that “exposure is often a challenge because what a client finds interesting isn’t always something that large publications find interesting”. Here at Society of Revellers, based on research and analysis, we believe that positioning a message is often more difficult than coming up with the message in the first place.

Our approaches as we apply them to clients are varied in style and delivery but use the same basic premise – Essentially craft the right message and expose it in the right places. (Targeted messages, Special offers, content page, advertising placement) Do you want to become engaged with social media, but you are not exactly sure how or where to begin? We can help put you on the Social Media map!!

Society of Revellers (SOR) is founded by Zee, a Ivorian and Nigerian immigrant. The origins of the name come from the Congolese heritage where a group of fashionistas called La Sape (an abbreviation based on the phrase Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes) dominated Central African menswear culture and changed the way people perceived a young African male in society.
La Sape has its roots in French colonialism in central Africa where French colonialists brought their roaring twenties fashion statements to Congolese youth, who eventually revolted and took over the scene. This anti-colonial movement led to a cosmopolitan nightlife, as well as its own music genre and where being creative and efficient, simply went hand to hand.
SOR and SAP (La Sape), share both an affinity for menswear and breaking cultural norms. A group of independent, fashionistas that are setting trends, revolting and breaking new grounds, Society of Revellers embodies the spirit of La Sape and the underground fashionista subculture that dominated central Congo.

Our clientele range from local small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, brands, medical centers, engineers and real estate agents. One of our strong beliefs is that, size is not nearly as important as ambition and the drive to succeed.

CONTACT US immediately to learn how we can craft better content for you and enhance your social media presence to the status it deserves to be.

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