ArtChild Ottawa Case Study

ArtChild Ottawa Case Study




In Da Industry has been a local company that offers various services in the artistic realm (dancing, cooking, public speaking). We started working with In Da Industry when we were approached to take an in depth look at their new venture: Artchild Ottawa, a non-profit organization registered with the city of Ottawa. The way we work is by first identifying these four factors that would help us understand their competitive landscape: what does ArtChild do, why, for whom and how.

ArtChild intended to work in the community to provide children the opportunity for activities that are no longer readily available within the school system, by continuously providing workshops and classes such as dance, creative written expression, painting and acting. These very same programs are being slowly eliminated and In Da Industry Services came to us to help maintain and continue to provide the artistic expression outside of the classroom.


We found that we needed to help them refine their positioning , develop a visual identity and targeted core messaging while eventually building their website, if required. By creating awareness about this issue, we help parents be the voice of their children today.

“To attenuate the rich voice of Canadian art, wittingly or unwittingly, is to break off and bury a bright, useful piece of the future. There is no village or city in this world without art, and the legacy of art from previous generations. Art is how minds are nourished, and the healthier our minds, the healthier the world at large”. –PEN Canada



In partnership with In Da Industry Services, through research and planning, we drafted the Public Relations materials to start Art Child Canada, as well as the editing of all official documents such as the ArtChild Constitution . Art Child’s mission is to provide children from all backgrounds with the guidance, support and the opportunities necessary to effectively develop their artistic expression, form positive social relationships and enhance academic performance. The first annual edition set place in Ottawa at Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive 4th Floor.

We developed the Art Child campaign to drive interest and awareness about the Art Child organization and about the large portion of cuts being done in the federal government currently without a great number of the public being acknowledged of this process.

By looking at all the resources accumulated in terms of contacts in the media and online community, we sent out over 400 tweets, 250 Facebook status updates with content links and shared over 150 videos,articles and tools to be aware of the Arts cuts begin done in Canada.

By taking an integrated approach, we integrated all our social networks to our twitter account with the blog, and vice versa. By creating blog articles as sources material for tweets and in turn, twitter was the second highest diver of traffic to the blog, behind only the event weblink on Eventbrite. From photography to promotions to the tone of the website and audio ads, we ensured the success of Art Child on many levels.

In space of a few months, Art Child has gone from being unknown to the Ottawa community to have been endorsed by the city of Ottawa, the Liberal Party of Canada, Wal Mart, Loblaws, Zellers and is looking to expand to the rest of the country in the next few years.






The first ArtChild event in Ottawa truly made you think twice about not having any arts in schools. Ottawa’s ArtChild did more than just create awareness about the art cuts. Art Child was an event that brought families together to enjoy the celebration of art at its finest. Now in its fourth edition, the event took place at City Hall this past January 24th, 2015 in the presence of the City Councillor, and has established strong lasting relationships with some great sponsors.

A large number of organizations companies have been supporting the cause ever since being presented the promotional materials including the sponsorship package and the press release we had crafted for ArtChild through In Da Industry Services. The lasting relationships have made ArtChild more successful each year. Here are some of the names from our sponsors:  CKCU, Within Essence Productions, DJ Ben Jamming, DJ Alive from CHUO, Slaysh, Kamakacci, Red Crown Clothing, Kania Couture, Pulse Passion, Hair Junkie Studios, The Hornettes, Sarah Mcclurg Music,  Compact Music,The Riot Police, Driven Dance Ottawa, CHUO, 2econd Touch Media,, Glebe Streets, B&B Promotions, Queen of the Scene, OD Music, Dream Love Grow, Shop-aholic, Zaneta Pernicova, Xodus Management, Tiny Talent, Top Talent, Models International Management, Suzette P. Weeks, Wal-mart, Loblaws, Island Flava, Zellers, Domino’s Pizza and RYTEC Printing, CBC Radio, Rogers 22.



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