Backup DD Case Study

Backup DD Case Study




We started by doing a lot of research on the company Backup Designated Drivers or DD. After completing our research, the company wanted us to build business cards and posters for their relaunch of their services/website to the residents of the national capital region. Our strategy was to build an identity around Backup DD’s goal to drastically reduce the number of impaired drivers by providing a safe and affordable alternative thus making our roads safer for all.

And knowing this market as well as we do, we knew that that this brand’s promise was very marketable and, as yet, untapped in Ottawa.




We wanted to visually convey Backup DD’s accessibility and show their economical and reliable services. The logo was made clearer to display a friendly and straightforward service that could be trusted. At the time, the company had a partnership with MAAD Canada as well. Backup DD wanted all drivers in the NCR to avoid being behind the wheels and let their company handles the service at an affordable and reliable costs.




Working on the posters and business cards for Backup DD required a lot of revisions. In fact, constant communication between the design team and the client was necessary to create the desired message through the work being done. The target market for this company was seeking reliable, affordable service and wanted the guarantee of receiving higher standards of customer service through Backup DD. The original drafts were made to promote the core values of the company through giant wording on both cards and posters. We eventually went a different route by improving the colors and the overall feel of both the business cards/ posters.





Ad Campaign


We designed their first ad campaign post brand launch to introduce the new look and messaging of the company. The ad campaign builds on Backup DD’s core identity traits – professionalism, safety and affordability. It also featured the new colour scheme used on the official website Backup DD

Here are the final versions of the posters below:




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