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This is the Reveller series that keeps you updated with all the major changes in Social Media. As it becomes harder and more tricky to stay up to date with the latest in marketing, and technology, smart curation is key. Hence the reason why here at SOR, we chose the best content of the web and provide you with a deeper insight. This week, the photobomb that is more than a quick and easy prank — it has become a work of art. Also, we mention more actionable examples of the key inbound marketing elements, 9 Standout Worthy Ideas When Applying to a Job, and 5 weird Brainstorming techniques to try right away. Bonne journee Revellers!

A. 21 Cats Better at Photobombing Than You: 

Cats are often considered serious creatures, but these perfectly timed photo bombs reveal the funny side of their sneakiness via Mashable


B. 7 Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Social Media Account (Infographic)

The infographic below is a great visual representation of exactly how you can optimize every one of your social media accounts. While there are certainly nuances to posting on each social network, these tips are the common thread across all your social media accounts. via Hubspot




C. 9 Candidates Who Made a Major Impression on Hiring Managers:

These techniques might help you succeed in your next job search via The Muse

Keith Richards famously woke up out of sleep with the riff to “Satisfaction” in his head. We don’t recommend all of Keith’s historical methods for finding inspiration, but this sleep idea has some merit to it–just like these others.

D. 5 Weird Brainstorming Techniques to get you out of the funk via Inc

Find Your Next Great Hire on Twitter: Social media is increasingly becoming a popular tool for recruiting talent. In fact, Twitter is one of the best social networks for recruiting bright and savvy professionals via Entrepreneur 

E. Here are 9 lesser-known Facebook features that really make the site worth using:

So since Facebook hasn’t done a great job telling everyone about some of these cool hidden features, PostPlanner decided to write this blog post to show you some of these tragically under-used gems via PostPlanner

F. A New Way for you to make purchases on Twitter

“For a small percentage of U.S. users (that will grow over time), some tweets from [Twitter’s] test partners will feature a Buy button, letting you buy directly from the tweet.”




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