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RVLLRS Best of Web Series

RVLLRS Best of Web Series 

We are back for another edition of Best of Web Series edition. Learn social media management strategies, five TED talks to watch before your next interview, inspirational quotes to make you feel better about not getting anything done, the funniest sports memes, and seven pieces of wisdom that will change the way you work
















1. Check out 5 TED Talks to watch before your next Interview via Daily Muse

2. These 10 Inspirational Quotes Will Make you Feel Better About Not Getting Anything done Today via medium 

3. The Funniest Sports Memes of the Week via Complex These are the Three Magic Phrases all Interviewer wants to hear via Daily Muse

4. Seven Pieces of Wisdom That Will Change the Way You Work via 99U

5. Foods We Love: Five lunchtime soups that Will Make your warm and your coworkers jealous via The muse

6. Not everyone can do this, but there are some neat tricks out there to beat a Hangover in case you gotta work the next day. Peep game via the Greatist

7. FASHION: Check out how Kitsune Cultivated Loyal Fanbase through Music via BoF

8. Video: Skype Launches New Video Messaging App Skype Qik: “A new video messaging app that gives you a totally effortless way to capture the moment, share laughs, and chat with groups of friends.”

9. These 11 Life lessons that College Wont teach You via lifehack  
10. The art of networking changes every time a new Snapchat is born. Meet the Superconnectors via Fast Company 

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