The Details Denim Guide: RVLLR Style Court

RVLLR Style Court

Everything fashion related in this post. We round up the best articles online right now so that you dont have to. Peep it and leave us some comments below


RVLLR Mots du Jour:

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where somebody consumes the content, as long as you can retain some kind of ownership over that content and monetize it.”

— 360i’s Orli LeWinter


1. Fashion Company Tweets About Its Interns; PR Nightmare Ensues

The company is rushing to respond to social media criticism of an apparent lack of workforce diversity via Bloomberg

2. Fashion Designers Finally Notice That Hot Dude

What are “Hot Dudes Reading” actually reading. You know the ones, the guys spotted and surreptitiously snapped on the subway with their heads buried in books. In under a month, this anonymous Instagram account, with just over 20 posts, has pulled in more than 300,000 followers, and it’s safe to assume the draw is not their actual reading matter via New York Times

3. Sept Bonnes Raisons de porter le Teddy

Le blouson de base-ball, appelé aussi teddy – comme le prénom le plus laid au monde –, est le cousin d‘Amérique du blazer écussonné anglais qui permet de s‘identifier clairement auprès de ses adversaires. Coupe flatteuse, déluge de couleurs voyantes et signes d‘appartenance cousus sur le coeur, il a tout pour plaire à un jeune en pleine socialisation. Sa légende est dans toutes les têtes via GQ France

4.  How Levi’s 501s Maintain Their Iconic Status?

A Q&A with the SVP of design at Levi’s. But how does one brand so definitively permeate the culture, and how does it do it for so long with so little effort? via Details 












Pour s’initier à la cuisine de Séoul, mieux vaut maîtriser ces quelques classiques sur le bout des doigts via GQ


6. Warby Parker Sees the Future of Retail

“We’re often asked why Warby has been successful. If we sum it up in one word, it’s deliberate.” Gilboa finishes the thought: “We just want to make sure we’re not making mistakes.” “Innovation is often the product of mistakes made, of caution thrown to the wind. And yet, the ability to be disruptive and quietly meticulous might just be the difference between a bubble-fueled fad and a business built to last.” via FC



7.The Details Denim Guide













That cornerstone of your wardrobe? You still need to take it up a notch every now and then. Read on an updated version of the iconic Levi’s 501, a cheat sheet for nailing tailored denim, the washes to get this season, and one spray that will save your jeans from the laundry. Plus, a roundup of the coolest indigo pieces that could almost pass for the real (denim) deal via Details 


8. Why Public School’s Designers Are Rising Stars

“Take stock of what designers in your niche have done before, in order not to replicate it — because anyone who is any good is looking at the same sources.” via NYMag 


9. Watch a Timelapse of Rio de Janeiro in 10K









With ultra-HD and 4K televisions making their way into living rooms around the world, the standard for image quality is continually being lofted up. Videographer Joe Capra has directed a stunning new timelapse video of Rio de Janeiro shot in 10K. via High Snobiety

10. Magic & Machines Meet at  AIR: The first drone entertainment in the world

In this high energy and explosive show, drones will take centre stage to bring a collaboration and fusion of music, video, projections and special effects. AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones via AIR2015









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This edition touches on Best courses to take using one of the best online education platform, Coursera. We take a look at how to better analyze your content with Google Analytics. In the fashion world, we look at the best cotton suits to wear this summer, the best white tee-shirts that you should own right now and how New Balance is slowly becoming the official footwear supplier of the US Military



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Analyzing Your Content With Google Analytics: How to Know What Works

Analyzing Your Content With Google Analytics: How to Know What Works


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New Balance is the US Military footwear connect via Quartz




The Complete 14-Step Content Strategy That Will Boost Your Results By 434%


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Can Canada Goose Come in from the cold via Bloomberg

Facebook Attacks Twitch for the streaming of online games here

Zuckerberg, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin got recently hacked via TechCrunch

Did You Know that Snapchat acquire a 3D scanning company via theverge

This is so handy :The 2015 Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service via Conversocial



Retail price tags

Four Things You didnt Know About Society of Revellers

Four Things You didn’t Know About Society of Revellers

RVLLR Mots du Jour

What we’ll do is continue down the path of mixing technologies.”

— Uber’s Jeff Holden








1.How did you get your start in design?

I was first interested in becoming a pilot. Then my passion for drawing characters and clothes grew. At this point, I wanted to become a fashion illustrator became an obsession. This became more apparent when I went to primary school. Back then, I had to take mandatory Arts Plastiques (graphic design classes). It was at this moment I found out that I really liked designing. This was in the early 1990s, when designs consisted of graphics, bande dessinee(comic books) , croquis, art, and fashion portraits. So it was a seamless transition from trying to become a fashion illustrator to becoming a fashion creative director and designer.

My goal has always been to make the plan, start small, perfect it, then grow. As Hov said, slow money is better than no money

At Society of Revellers, we noticed that our designs got stronger when we became more focused. We gave our designing process structure. We now have a set amount of fabrics, colors, and styles per color and fabric, and we design into that. It forces us to become more focused and more clear. It’s like a sonnet, a poem that has structure. Every creative thing needs some sort of structure.

2.Where do you find inspiration?

I believe that inspiration is all around us. From being in Cote d’Ivoire and now in Canada, I always try to make the best out of my environment .  It is cold where I am currently in Ottawa so you spend considerable time online to expose yourself to other creative artists. The reveller motto is that you have to always be mentally and visually aware of your surroundings . Solitude also helps to find a sense of inspiration to be found somewhere. It can be a book. It can be a website. Sometimes, you get inspired by a person that you see walking down the street or in public transformation. Always remain open to new ideas, as a major part of the job as a designer. Like combinations. Across everything, we do fabric combinations exceptionally well. It’s our bread and butter. Whether it’s shirting with two different prints, or a leather jacket with a wool sleeve and ribbed collar, the sum is more exciting than the individual parts.

3.Describe the Reveller guy.

He’s into fashion and likes to look good. He cares about the clothes on his body. He doesn’t live and breathe fashion, but he cares. He’s our friend, he’s us, he’s someone we’re hanging out with. He doesn’t have to be a guy in fashion. He likes quality. When he buys something, he wants to buy it as an investment. He’s not into throwaway fashion or trends. He’s into classic menswear with a twist, cool, and interested in the world around him. We constantly think about the customer, especially in our talks with each other. Would our friend wear this? When someone puts our clothes on, they’re going to feel right. A little cooler, without trying too hard or thinking too much.

4. What do you love most about your job?

We create content that educates and moves people. Nous sommes bilingues. Being open to what goes on around me, soaking it up, and doing something with it that’s appropriate to the brand I work for. It all feels very natural to me, almost like a hobby. Creating and producing a collection that can be sold. I love the show Shark Tank.On it, most people have one product that they’ve worked on for years. We’re selling 300 products a year, and we have to get them all right, from different sources and factories, and sell them on a wholesale level to retailers. It can be rough, because there are so many different pieces to the puzzle.









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5 Songs You Will Not Stop Listening To This Month

5 Songs You Will Not Stop Listening To This Month


Its only March 2015 and music seems to be already so much better than the whole year 2014.  Musicians this year have been going harder than before and the competition has been fiercer (if thats even a word, lawd). Lets’s face it: the unofficial New Year for Dance Music is about to jump off this month with Ultra Music Festival just under 1 weeks away. We compiled a 2015 list of Five Songs that you will not stop listening to this month plus the official compilation for Ultra Music Festival 2015.










1. Plastikman – Exhale EX – Club Mixes from Dixon, Recondite, Tale Of Us and Dubfire

This journey is magical. Check out this very trippy sound by Plastikman



2. Mike Mago – What A Love

Label boss Mike Mago presents this deep remix. Get ready to jump off your chair with this one “What A Love” .





3. *RVLLR Favourite Tune* : Steve Huerta – Bear Witness

LA born and Berlin-based Steve Huerta makes his debut on Anjunadeep following an impressive run of releases on Waze & Odyssey’s’ Street Tracks, Dirt Crew and Amadeus.




4. Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better (klingande Remix)

This remix for Alex Adair new single “Make me feel Better”, will definitely make YOU feel BETTER



5. HNNY – Fresh Laundry 

Before now HNNY – preferably pronounced “honey” – has won himself many fans with curious and quirky releases on labels including Studio Barnhus, Let’s Play House and Local Talk. Producing house but with a charming sense of melody, a great ear for a sample and an irresistible sense of groove, he is a firm DJ and dancer favourite all across Europe, and for good reason.




ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL Compilation 2015 

The track list released by ULTRA has something for everyone so make sure to just plug in your headphones and press play to enjoy



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Inspiration for the Month of March

Inspiration for the Month of March


Working on designs, we constantly come across new imagery to keep us inspired. This week is no different and we wanted to share some of the photography that caught our attention. Social Media when used right, can make miracles. We teach at SOR that you can use social media to follow and learn about potential clients and partners.  Leave us a comment below and make sure to follow our updates on social media to learn more about our brand.



Fonetica-dei-Brand Fonetica-dei-Brand2 Fonetica-dei-Brand3 Fonetica-dei-Brand4 Fonetica-dei-Brand5 Fonetica-dei-Brand6 Fonetica-dei-Brand7 Fonetica-dei-Brand8 Fonetica-dei-Brand9 Fonetica-dei-Brand10 Fonetica-dei-Brand11 Fonetica-dei-Brand12

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The Best Fashion News of the Week

The Best Fashion News of the Week


A lot happening in fashion this season. They say that if you have power, you have to empower. Waking up every day like you are on a mission is the goal to every reveller.
This is our weekly digest of everything you need to know in the world of fashion. This column is called the Revellers Best Fashion News of the Week.
Leave us a comment or mention which articles you enjoyed the most via social media @sorevellers @drzeetips

RVLLR Mots du Jour: 

“People read without sharing, but just as often, perhaps, they share without reading.”
— Derek Thompson
“A rapidly increasing birth rate, parents having children later in life and a glut of baby-boomer grandparents with more disposable income have combined to make childrenswear a highly lucrative business.” via the Guardian 

2. Alexander Wang and the Tunnel of Branding

“Wang’s earlier collections often suggested innocence — the joy, let’s say, of being young in New York — and that quality has been gradually stamped out as he expeditiously builds a brand.” via NYMag 

3. India may become launchpad for Amazon’s fashion label

Amazon plans to create its own brands in the booming fashion and lifestyle segment in the country, making India perhaps the first country where the US e-commerce giant has its own private fashion labels, two people familiar with the company’s plans said via Times

The fledgling designer needs stronger feedback from the fashion world. I honestly think that it’s the whole tumblr generation/phenomenon that has a lot to do with the lack of critical approach. People’s knowledge of the history, not just of fashion, but culture, is as deep as their laptop screen. Read more here

5. Bitcoin is Good Money: If you acknowledge that money is simply a language to communicate value, you quickly realize that bitcoin stacks up well.

Money is generally misunderstood, which contributes to the confusion about bitcoin as a digital currency. If you acknowledge that money is simply a language to communicate value and you evaluate bitcoin objectively on the six important characteristics of money that are taught in a basic economics course, you quickly realize that bitcoin stacks up well against any form of money that has ever existed via BoF


6. Figure-Flattering Flared Trousers Swing In for Spring

Good news for some: Hip-balancing, leg-lengthening flared pants with a faint retro whiff—from fashion brands like Derek Lam, Saint Laurent, Balmain and more—are set to make a true comeback this season via WSJ 


7. Fine jewellery: Sales of the good stuff are soaring as shoppers target luxury at the click of a button

“Once the preserve of storied names with lineages as noble as their best customers’, the glittering world of the fine jeweller is ringing the changes.” via Independent 


8. American Apparel’s New CEO Wants Brand to Cover Up

American Apparel’s new CEO Paula Schneider wants to reign in the amount of skin on show in the brand’s advertising imagery via BoF



9. Chanel Raises the Stakes in the Young Designers Game

In the wake of the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize — and what is increasingly looking like a horse race to make nice with the next generation of maybe-possible fashion stars (and win their loyalty and affection for a maybe-possible future) — Chanel is putting ever-more assets into the game. Its latest vehicle: the Andam award, the second-largest grant to a young designer, albeit one willing to be based and working in France via NYTimes

10. In the Fragrance Industry, a Whiff of Change is in the Air

“The big perfume players are catching on, even if most aren’t tinkering with their most popular commercial brands. Instead, they are bringing the niche stars into their folds.” via The Globe and Mail 


Zee Bashua – DrZeeTips
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Hipstory by Amit Shimoni

Hipstory by Amit Shimoni

Amit Shimoni is an artist who decided to take on world leaders and re-imagine them as modern hipsters. The results are quite good and we must say that we were impressed at the Revellers HQ. According to Design Boom, “designer amit shimoni illustrates a union of the two by pairing painted portraits of famous world leaders with the outfits and hairstyles of today’s youth. In the ‘hipstory’ series, che guevara sports a colorful beanie, layered flannel shirts and american spirit tabacco in his pocket; john f kennedy dons a nose ring, chains and t-shirt, seemingly bearing a black and white picture of marilyn monroe; mahatma gandhi’s peaceful personality is reflected in a tie-dye top and 60s-style shades”.

Peep the series below and check out Design boom for more

mandella__700 gandhi__700 churchill__700 lenin__700 mao__700 lincoln__700 kennedy__700


RVLLRS Best of Web Series

RVLLRS Best of Web Series

Welcome to the Best of Web Series: my weekly roundup of the latest social media news, controversies, and new features. This week, learn How to Write a Cover Letter, Pretend that You are fired today and learn tips on what to do. Discover GoldBely, six money mistakes rich People don’t Make and How Your personal website can land you your next job.  Stay tuned each week to find out what’s hot in the social media, health and tech world



How to Write a Cover Letter – 31  Tips You Need to Know via TheMuse
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We Love GoldBely: The Startup that Delivers Great Fresh products to your door via TechCrunch 
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Six stretches for people who sit at desks here


How to grow your Instagram followers via RazorSocial
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Why Startups are a good Place to gain valuable work experience via Madeitin Africa 
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BoF sits down with MCM’s Sung-Joo Kim to talk about wooing the Chinese customer, building the brand beyond its logo and going West here

Seven Things Every Guy Can do to be perfect for her via EliteDaily

Three Amazing Tricks to Help You Remember the Little Details. via TheMuse

Ten Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail via Complex

New Tools To Discover: The simplest data import on the web allows you to create visualizations in seconds. This app allows you make sense of your location data and power your business. Network within specific industries and target experts who will advance your business. Efficiently expand your professional reach and learn about new solutions through dialogue with potential collaborators. Stop digging through an inbox full of résumés. Connect with high quality candidates in one click with this app

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Revellers Story : For the lady reveller who needs a good laugh

Revellers Story : For the lady reveller who needs a good laugh


I  was told this story by a good friend of mine. Amani and I wanted to share  this with our lady revellers. When told this story, my friend mentioned to me that the morale was that hopefully some ungrateful men will learn from this.

A married couple in their early 60s are celebrating their
40th wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic
little restaurant.

Suddenly, a tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table. She said, ‘For being such an exemplary married
couple and for being loving to each other for
all this time, I will grant you each a wish.’

The wife answered, ‘Oh, I want to travel around the world
with my darling husband.’

The fairy waved her magic wand and – poof! – two
tickets for the Queen Mary II appeared in her hands.

The husband thought for a moment:
‘Well, this is all very romantic, but an
opportunity like this will never come again. I’m
sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30
years younger than me.’

The wife, and the fairy, were deeply disappointed,
but a wish is a wish.!

So the fairy waved her magic wand and

The husband became 92 years old.

The moral of this story:
Men who are ungrateful should
remember fairies are female……