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Meet Camille & Sonia, The founder of The Proper Sneaker ™.

Their story is uncommon.
They created The Proper Sneaker ™  because they couldn’t find beautiful, minimal, inspiring, white sneakers, in natural leather of high quality under 400$.
They saw the beauty of a simple solution and their answer was to create their own minimal white sneaker, a proper sneaker that we people could treasure and sell at a fair price,
no matter what, — one that isn’t inflated by expensive showroom, storefronts, middlemen, or excessive marketing campaigns.
The idea is to fill this gap on the luxury sneaker market and make them affordable.To help them and the all Proper Team in New York, they are doing a crowdfunding campaign produce their product of high quality and maintain its affordability.
The aim of The Proper Sneaker is to provide high quality product at with the lowest possible markup.

This is an opportunity to disrupt the fashion industry.
This is an opportunity to save money and pay for the real price without getting ripped off.
This is an opportunity to know your cost and your factories in all transparency.Please watch and share this 1 minute video They have created.
The video has been featured on GQ, New York times, Hypebeast.

Our goal is to raise a total of $20,000.

All help welcome.  Our campaign fully starts next week publicly.

We are offering the following perks to donors:

0. All help are welcome from 1$ to any amount. Any amount.

1. Donate $25 and receive a Portugal t-shirt, and spare laces with a thank you note.

2. Donate $169 and receive a Proper Sneaker ™ — Low top in white, black or Yellow Mustard and spare laces with a thank you note.

3. Donate $189 and receive
receive a Proper Sneaker ™ — Low top in white, black or Yellow Mustard with a Proper T shirt and spare laces with a thank you note.

4. Donate $199 and receive 1 x a Proper Sneaker ™ — High top in white, black and spare laces with a thank you note.

5. Donate $290 and be an official  Sponsor and receive a Proper Couple Package  ™ — 2 Sneakers for him and Her or Him&Him or Her&Her and spare laces with a thank you note.

6. Donate $400 and be an official  Founding Partner and receive the full Proper Pack. A Proper Sneaker ™ high top, low top, a Proper Tee Shirt ™, The Proper Bath Robe ™ and spare laces with a thank you note.

7. Donate $800 and be an official  Proper Donator and give 20 pairs of shoes to a primary school in Yamoussoukro in Ivory Coast. Country, where both of their founder found their roots.

8. Donate $3000
Buy this package and come get your pair from the factory in Portugal. Witness the process and we will share our expertise.The Proper Team ™ will come to pick you from the airport, treat you for the day and we’ll spend the afternoon together at The Proper Factory. After, We’ll have dinner together in Porto. Please Provide your own travel fare.

Please help raise awareness by sharing this video and campaign with others.


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RVLLR Best of Web Series – THE LOST FILES

 RVLLR Best of Web Series – THE LOST FILES

The RVLLR Best of Web Series was created to help our friends, family and partners, stay in touch with the latest development in social media. We know that technology moves at a rapid pace and it is not always easy to keep up with what has been happening in terms of communications and marketing advancements. Drop us a line et dites nous ce que vous pensez de ces articles dans les commentaires


12 Free Tools to Make Picture Perfect Creative Content via @SocialBro

37 Commonly misued words that can make you look bad in public via @themuse
How to retain more information from your visitors via @popforms
24 Ways to Power Up Your Social Media tips channels in under 24 hours via @socialbro
11 Tech Tips for a Stress-Free Video Interview via @skillcrush
How to network without leaving your comfort zone here
52 Places to visit this year via @nytimes
5 pieces of brilliant career wisdom from your favorite celebrities here
How to Make your willpower stronger according to science via @io9
Un site sur la ville de NYC qui vous allez adorer here
Etnia Barcelona a une magnifique collection appele Wild Love in Africa
Un écrivain Afro-Canadien qui va vous impressionner. here
30 Most Creative Social Media Marketers via @BI
The Rise of the Tight Baggy Pant via @FourPins

Cool Social Media Accounts We Love at the momentOn Pinterest: actualorganics & monoredbrand

On Facebook: The HommeTeam

On Instagram: Crushondiarts

 These Amazing Creative Ideas Happen when you stop checking your phone via @doobybrain 
Blog We feeling right now: is a blog devoted to inspiring and entertaining others in a positive way. In this blog, you will find diversity–assuring the reader that they don’t have to conform to anyone’s views or ideas of/for them. In this blog, you will find miracles– further assuring others that with God, all things are possible/
Raddest Looks show you the raddest accessories and people from all over the interweb  here

Cool Canadian Design site here 

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Partager des informations et des articles intéressants sont les seules choses qui nous passionnent ici a la SOR Agency. Cette semaine, des infos sur les femmes les plus importantes sur la toile, comment s’occuper de différents comptes en meme temps sur les réseaux sociaux,les meilleurs applis sante sur votre android, un guide complet pour assurer votre succès sur Instagram et encore plus de belles surprises



You Will Love these Top Health Apps

How Do You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts? Our 12 Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies


RVLLR Mots du Jour:

“If you want to connect with millennials, then you’re going to have to rethink the way you advertise and market your product to them.” — Dan Schwabel of Millennial Branding

The Ultimate Social Network Cheat Sheet Infographic via marketingprofs

4 Ways to impress a hiring manager before you even walk in the door via theMuse

10 Examples to get you integrating your offline marketing with social media tips via SocialBro

30 Fresh & Creative Product Packaging Designs via Creative Guerilla Marketing



Our List of the Best Fashion Documentaries

Our List of the Best Fashion Documentaries








I am putting a list together of documentaries to watch about fashion, icons, designers, labels and photographers etc. Many of those documentaries are a window into vintage Tokyo/Paris/New York.

Bill Cunningham: New York (2010) is an amazing story of this photographer who lives  below his means to support his passion. Bill is the epitome of what a true photographer is. Happy, lively and always on the lookout for a great shot, you will be impressed with this man who truly loves his job.


Let’s be real, I found ” YSL L’Amour Fou” interesting as that was basically a giant ad for the Christies auction of his possessions! Even though some of them are done with lovely insights, advertisers are smart  and some documentaires masquerade as advertising.

For your info, I watched most of those documentaries but a lot of these I haven’t seen yet:

– The September Issue (2009)
– McQueen and I (2011)
– Bill Cunningham: New York (2010)
– Catwalk (1996)
– Don Letts: Subculture (2012)
– Yves Saint Laurent too – L’amour fou (2011)
– Frames From the Edge (1989)
– Unzipped with Issac Mizrahi (1995)
– Saga: John Galliano
– Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)
– Valentino, The Last Emperor (2008 )
– Signe Chanel (2005)
– Notebooks on Cities and Clothes (1989)
– The Tents (2012)
– The Secret World of Haute Couture (2007)
– Boss Women: Anna Wintour (2000)
– Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel (2011)
– About Face: Supermodels Then and Now (2012)
– Tom Ford OWN Visionaries (2011)
– Picture Me: A Model’s Diary (2009)
– Yohji Yamamoto This is My Dream (2011)
– Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton (2007)

Write down in the comments section if you have names of documentaries that will be enjoyed by our readers






High Times Vaporizer pen Buyer’s Guide: diligent staff has reviewed and rated (on a scale of 1 to 5) 15 top vapor pens so that you can get ripped without getting ripped off. We’ve provided vital specs on each of the following devices and judged them based on seven criteria: affordability, durability, versatility, high, stealth, health, and ease of refill. But first, some general info here 








Musana Carts are Helping Ugandan Street Vendors step into the future: 

Nataliey Bitature is founder and head of operations at Musana Carts, a social enterprise that has developed solar-powered vending carts targeted at street food traders in Uganda. A graduate student in the US, Bitature co-founded the business with her classmates Manon Lavaud and Keisuke Kubota. Bitature tells How we made it in Africa about the opportunity to solve street vendors’ energy and mobility challenges, and some of the risks her business faces. Below are edited excerpts.








What is Kodi and Why Its Important for you to know it

Simply put, Kodi is open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it’s totally free. Although it was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), the software has continued to evolve – spawning a community of its own. Find out how to use Kodi via this kick tutorial here

For those new to Kodi, here is also all you need to learn as a first time user 













RVLLR Best of Web Series: Leadership Edition

RVLLR Best of Web Series: Leadership Edition

plant reveller nature


RVLLR Mots du jour

Facebook is moving in the same direction as Apple and Google. It wants to be the place where you spend not only your time but your money.” — Cade Metz

Aujourd’hui on va mettre dans l’emphase sur l’Afrique et prendre sa vie en soi ( leadership). Les articles présentes ci-dessous couvrent les resources nécessaires pour devenir un meilleur écrivain, cinquante applications pour tout contrôler dans sa vie, sept meilleures façons de répondre a la question que tout le monde reçoit souvent “que fais tu dans la vie?” ainsi que plein d’autres astuces pour vous aider a  mieux naviguer entre votre vie réelle et le monde virtuel

Eight African Trends to Profit in via @MadeitinAfrica

50 Amazing Resources that will make you a better writer via @themuse

Five Ways to get paid Faster via @AE

The Top 50 Apps for tracking everything in your life via @themuse

 Seven Better Ways to Answer What to do ici

Audrey Cheng, US entrepreneur discusses her company and shares some observations about Kenya’s business environment ici

 Hassan Bashir from Takaful Africa Group drops some gems on leadership and how success doesn’t come easy here

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This edition touches on Best courses to take using one of the best online education platform, Coursera. We take a look at how to better analyze your content with Google Analytics. In the fashion world, we look at the best cotton suits to wear this summer, the best white tee-shirts that you should own right now and how New Balance is slowly becoming the official footwear supplier of the US Military



Best Courses on

Welcome to Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies here

Welcome to Budgeting and Scheduling Projects here

Welcome to Project Management: The Basics for Success voila

Analyzing Your Content With Google Analytics: How to Know What Works

Analyzing Your Content With Google Analytics: How to Know What Works


The Best Cotton Suits to Wear this summer via GQ

Snapchat’s redesign aimed at attracting more eyeballs from publishers and brands via adweek

The Best basic white t-shirts GQ staffers swear by right now

Do you know about The Rise of China’s Shopping Villages here

New Balance is the US Military footwear connect via Quartz




The Complete 14-Step Content Strategy That Will Boost Your Results By 434%


Meet Kanye West Protege via @highsnobiety

This app lets you order Michelin food to your doorstep here

How to Engage With Other Facebook Pages Using Your Facebook Page

Learn about Social Onboarding here

What 10 Studies Say About The Best Time To Send Email


FREE EBOOK: How to do SEO here

How to Set Up a Shop Section on Your Facebook Page


Social Media Visuals: How to Easily Create Visuals Without a Designer

How to Create Social Media Videos on a Budget

Find out How Aeropostale crashed and burned here

Cashless Future Retailers recognize our faces via The Guardian

Can Canada Goose Come in from the cold via Bloomberg

Facebook Attacks Twitch for the streaming of online games here

Zuckerberg, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin got recently hacked via TechCrunch

Did You Know that Snapchat acquire a 3D scanning company via theverge

This is so handy :The 2015 Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service via Conversocial




INFOGRAPHIC: Resume Etiquette

INFOGRAPHIC: Resume Etiquette

A resume is always difficult to write – what do you want the recruiter to read, but what do you need the recruiter to know? Getting the balance is always difficult, and then you have to think about layout, fonts and content!

Si ton resume ou CV comme on le dit en francais n’est pas bien ecrit, c’est pratiquement impossible de se garantir un boulot dans le milieu bureaucrate. La question qui revient toujours: mettre ses qualifications au debut ou au milieu du CV? Pareille pour l’education. Voici une infographie qui detaille des conseils a suivre















Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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The Best Slideshare Presentations You Can Find

The Best Slide share Presentations You Can Find

These presentations found on slideshare are some of the best that we can find. We researched about the best social media related presentations that we can find on the platform so that you don’t have to. Please leave us some comments below on what are some of your favorite slideshare presentations








Social Media Workshop – The Content Challenge – Sankalp Unconvention 2013 via Slideshare

Social Media Facts and Figures here
Social Media for Entrepreneurs here
Social Media for Businesses here
Social Media Workshop at Jordan University here
Social Media Workshop: the Content Challenge here
Social Media Presentation for Entrepreneurs via Google Docs

Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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