How four brands manage their wildly successful Facebook pages

How four brands manage their wildly successful Facebook pages

“Social media managers dream of having an audience of millions. We think of how amazing it would be to have legions of engaged fans commenting, liking and sharing our brilliant posts while sitting back and watching the fan base swell. “

For some brands, this is a reality.

Check out this article I found that breaks down very effective tips to drive your content where it needs to be


REVELLER Video Playlist

REVELLER Video Playlist

We play a lot of creative and informative videos at the office on rotation that everyone brings an input in afterwards on what captivated them specifically and how can this be related to the work that we do here at SOR.  We have decided to share some of those videos with you on a weekly basis



Shanghai, les meilleurs eleves du monde


Kanye West First MTV Interview 2002






EMINEM First Interview in Toronto


55 Insightful Quotes to live by

55 Insightful Quotes to live by

De beaux proverbes pour bien vivre et etre heureux. L’art de vivre peut s’apprende et on peut vou aider a y arriver. Faites nous confiance et jetez un coup d’oeil sur ces proverbes.

Bon weekend a tous et a toutes




10 Powerful Habits of the Ultra Successful

 10 Powerful Habits of the ultra Successful

Each one of us wish they had the secret recipe to develop concrete habits to enhance our success rate. As defined by Kathryn Davis, “Habits are those little energy bolts of action that propel you closer to your goals. A majority of the super successful high achievers in the world credit the daily habits they implemented towards their success.

So what are the top success habits?

This infographic offered by Addicted to Success, breaks down 10 powerful habits of ultra successful people and include some real-life cases where famous people have used them to achieve success. Take a look by clicking on the infographic and see which habits you are already implementing and which ones you can improve upon. Don’t forget to leave us some comments below













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High Times Vaporizer pen Buyer’s Guide: diligent staff has reviewed and rated (on a scale of 1 to 5) 15 top vapor pens so that you can get ripped without getting ripped off. We’ve provided vital specs on each of the following devices and judged them based on seven criteria: affordability, durability, versatility, high, stealth, health, and ease of refill. But first, some general info here 








Musana Carts are Helping Ugandan Street Vendors step into the future: 

Nataliey Bitature is founder and head of operations at Musana Carts, a social enterprise that has developed solar-powered vending carts targeted at street food traders in Uganda. A graduate student in the US, Bitature co-founded the business with her classmates Manon Lavaud and Keisuke Kubota. Bitature tells How we made it in Africa about the opportunity to solve street vendors’ energy and mobility challenges, and some of the risks her business faces. Below are edited excerpts.








What is Kodi and Why Its Important for you to know it

Simply put, Kodi is open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it’s totally free. Although it was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), the software has continued to evolve – spawning a community of its own. Find out how to use Kodi via this kick tutorial here

For those new to Kodi, here is also all you need to learn as a first time user 













RVLLR Best of Web Series: Leadership Edition

RVLLR Best of Web Series: Leadership Edition

plant reveller nature


RVLLR Mots du jour

Facebook is moving in the same direction as Apple and Google. It wants to be the place where you spend not only your time but your money.” — Cade Metz

Aujourd’hui on va mettre dans l’emphase sur l’Afrique et prendre sa vie en soi ( leadership). Les articles présentes ci-dessous couvrent les resources nécessaires pour devenir un meilleur écrivain, cinquante applications pour tout contrôler dans sa vie, sept meilleures façons de répondre a la question que tout le monde reçoit souvent “que fais tu dans la vie?” ainsi que plein d’autres astuces pour vous aider a  mieux naviguer entre votre vie réelle et le monde virtuel

Eight African Trends to Profit in via @MadeitinAfrica

50 Amazing Resources that will make you a better writer via @themuse

Five Ways to get paid Faster via @AE

The Top 50 Apps for tracking everything in your life via @themuse

 Seven Better Ways to Answer What to do ici

Audrey Cheng, US entrepreneur discusses her company and shares some observations about Kenya’s business environment ici

 Hassan Bashir from Takaful Africa Group drops some gems on leadership and how success doesn’t come easy here

Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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How to Have the Perfect Work Day Routine









Aller au travail tous les jours peut devenir monotone on est tous d’accord. mais cela ne devrait pas être ainsi.  Cette infographie vous montre comment avoir une routine de travail impeccable et satisfaisante ( the perfect work day routine). Apres avoir lu cela, vous allez savoir comment rester en pleine forme pendant la semaine. This infographic will show you that having the perfect work day does not necessarily mean getting a promotion or a raise.






This edition touches on Best courses to take using one of the best online education platform, Coursera. We take a look at how to better analyze your content with Google Analytics. In the fashion world, we look at the best cotton suits to wear this summer, the best white tee-shirts that you should own right now and how New Balance is slowly becoming the official footwear supplier of the US Military



Best Courses on

Welcome to Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies here

Welcome to Budgeting and Scheduling Projects here

Welcome to Project Management: The Basics for Success voila

Analyzing Your Content With Google Analytics: How to Know What Works

Analyzing Your Content With Google Analytics: How to Know What Works


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Snapchat’s redesign aimed at attracting more eyeballs from publishers and brands via adweek

The Best basic white t-shirts GQ staffers swear by right now

Do you know about The Rise of China’s Shopping Villages here

New Balance is the US Military footwear connect via Quartz




The Complete 14-Step Content Strategy That Will Boost Your Results By 434%


Meet Kanye West Protege via @highsnobiety

This app lets you order Michelin food to your doorstep here

How to Engage With Other Facebook Pages Using Your Facebook Page

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What 10 Studies Say About The Best Time To Send Email


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How to Set Up a Shop Section on Your Facebook Page


Social Media Visuals: How to Easily Create Visuals Without a Designer

How to Create Social Media Videos on a Budget

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Facebook Attacks Twitch for the streaming of online games here

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