Biomed Group Case Study

Biomed Group Case Study



As a changing and dynamic industry, this local company came to us with the following challenge: “the website has not been updated in over 10 years. Help us show to the public that biomedical scientists work in healthcare to diagnose disease and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment through the analysis of fluids and tissue samples from patients. Biomed Group provide the ‘engine room’ of modern medicine with 70% of diagnoses based on the pathology results provided by laboratory services”.


The company cares about the livelihood of patients that will be using their equipment. Biomed Group is essentially a B2B company but wanted to convey a professional yet approachable culture through their website design. The Biomedical Industry Group was incorporated in 1996.  The purpose of the group is to merge and contract the skills of designers and manufactures to the production of “special needs” equipment for hospitals and homecare.  Some products have only a specific need and are produced in low volume.  Other products such as the UniPole I.V. and Medical Support System are produced for a larger market.


The website was created at a time when the internet was at its infancy. In fact, the company original hosting service was GoPapa, a precursor of what is now Godaddy, the largest web hosting site in the world.  By focusing on the main products offered by the company, we improved the online experience by adding bolder colours and creative messaging to the website. This business is open 365 days a year so we included valuable documents for their prospects. Overall, creative navigation and useful information were implemented to improve the usability of this site and position Biomed Group as a trusted source for the production of “special needs” equipments for all hospitals and homecare

Visit http://biomedgroup.com/

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I still get this question from time to time.  What do you do? SOCIETY of REVELLERS.com  was launched in 2012 to fill our urge for a place to compile and share griping and interesting images/links. As more people joining the online revolution and as design/art/tech and food become more prevalent in society, Society of Revellers have been obsessed with fashion, avant-garde thinking and wanted to fill the void with all your luxe, social media and fashion indulgences. With a strong emphasis on clean, trendy yet stylish content, we like to think of ourselves as “classic with a twist”. SOCIETY of REVELLERS.com has been focused on instant fulfillment et recompense in both reading and posting to .com – Remember that “posting is as easy as changing a channel on your tv using a remote control. ” All our contributions can be made by the public. You will love our page if you love seeing eye candy content, crafted for your viewing pleasure. Lets be real, not all wearable and accessories that we look at online daily can be worn by everyone. More so, we simply look at the mens and womens pieces as truly inspirational and motivating visually, even if not all these items make it into your closet. DESIGN: Zahmat Bashua PHP:        Ryan Clarke CONCEPT: Zahmat Bashua & Ryan Clarke CONTRIBUTORS: Toi & Moi Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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I learned that a great way to land more consulting clients and at the same time add more revenue to your company is to become a great speaker.

You get the chance to increase your fees as a speaker for specific events related to your industry. When doing so, the way you want to proceed is by

uncovering what other areas you can assist your buyer with.  Going out of your way to make sure your clients understand what they are doing go a long way. 

For example, adding an additional service that could be seen as valuable,  would have been to do some detailed exercises with the clients, or 1-on-1 hot seats as starters. 

Another great touch you can add to your presentation to be remembered is to prepare some materials for the attendees to receive before or after my talk.

Essentially, these are all services that another organization would likely have been more than willing to pay for as long as they saw that this information could be beneficial for their clients…and I believe they would have.

To get you started, please follow this process and remember that the purpose of helping a business or association is to achieve meaningful results. Once you learn to assign an additional fee based on the each added value you bring,

you will be able to gain substantial profit.

1. Before Speaking – list all the actions you will need to take before speaking. This might include interviewing the buyer and others in their industry or company, customizing materials, and providing an analysis or feedback on the complete event.

 2. During Event – keep going with your list and add every action that would take place during the day of the event. If you have a book, then book signing. Doing 1-on-1 or group hot seats or groups as mentioned above, etc.

 3. After Speaking – Are there follow up materials that attendees or the buyer will value from? Can you provide coaching or consulting to the organization or buyer? Does the buyer want extra copies of your book or other intellectual property you have developed?

Once you have your list with three columns. whenever you’re talking with your buyer go through each of these and find a fit. As you list them to your buyer they will show interest in the one they see value in.

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