Success as a Reveller



1. The Right Strategy


If you’re not doing the right techniques at the moment, for getting free search engine traffic, you’re not going to get anywhere.


If you ARE, you can go zero to $8,833.99 profit in 60 days, like I showed in the webinar.


2. A Mentor


Some people make it on their own in this business. They work out the steps, one piece at a time, they make all the mistakes and they persist long enough that eventually it works.


Most people don’t. I didn’t do it alone, and I don’t know anyone successful who did.


I had a mentor early on.


Someone who showed me exactly how their successful SEO/affiliate marketing business worked, so that I could copy it.


They were there to tell me what the stumbling blocks would be, so I could avoid them. Without that, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today.


3. Staff to Get Work Done For You


If you’re getting started and you have to do ALL the work yourself… life is going to get in the way.


You know this if you’ve tried before. Things just come up. You get busy, you get distracted, unforseen events arise, and if the whole show is riding on you being able to do everything and not miss a beat… progress is going to be slow.


The way you’d GUARANTEE to achieve your $50k new income in a year would be to have in place a set of people who can do the work for you so you don’t have to do it all yourself.


Most people don’t have that because it’s terribly difficult to arrange on your own. But if you had it, I believe you could guarantee your success.


4. Like Minded People Surrounding You


Have you ever told people – your friends or family – about the work you do online?


Ever had them laugh, or make fun, or say something like:


“That’s NEVER going to work!” or…

“You’re wasting your time!”


Most of us have.


And you know what? That nonsense gets to you.


No one is super human. You can’t be an island of optimism and focus and dedication when you’re in a sea of ignorance and negativity.


So if you were to GUARANTEE your success this year, it would require that you put yourself in close contact with a group of people who are like you…


People who get it… people who are working towards those same goals… fighting for that same dream.


Because those people will insulate you from the negativity. For every naysayer you’ll have 10 people lifting you up… showing you that YES, YOU can also do this because LOOK WHAT I DID!


Most people don’t have this because we’re stuck behind our computers in our little home offices and we’re alone, and it’s hard.


But if you did, you could guarantee your success this year, and I know this because I have seen it time, and time, and time again.


Your business can’t become a master of social media without first ensuring each stakeholder across your organisation understands their role.”

— David Howell, writing at Technorati




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Blow jobs are like flowers for men.

Art Comes First and Street Etiquette Video

Art Comes First and Street Etiquette Video

As most of you know; Art Comes First and Street Etiquette are two collectives from UK and USA respectively; that focus on aesthetics and style to display their creativity. They have worked closely with many brands and fashion houses already and understand what it takes to grow. Their humility makes me appreciates them even more; although we haven’t met yet. This is a quality that resonates well with Society of Revellers motto. On this note; check out these videos posted on vimeo during their recent trip to South Africa.
Don’t be shy. Leave us some comments on what you thought about this creative panel and what questions would you have asked them?
Bon weekend Revellers!!




The Babylon Club is a place that hosts live music, and many local events created by Adam S., Owner of Babylon Club. The Society of Revellers believed that Babylon encompasses the community, and because we are all part of it, we felt the need to do something there to show appreciation and awareness that should be accessible to everyone in the capital city.


The Society of Revellers c Media launched a social networking campaign that capitalized on the beginning of the spring and end of the school year (held on March 23) in the form of online demonstrations, with users promoting the cause through symbolic gestures and a theme party.


The Society of Revellers and Boxhouse apparel host  FLIRT: using the Society of Revellers and Boxhouse apparel logo as their Twitter avatar and Facebook profile photo, activating an awareness message on their status for Babylon Nightclub

Our team simultaneously launched a series of communication efforts with many international bloggers and journalists to incite these content ambassadors to talk about the Foundation and encourage their readers to promote the cause.


The campaign was hugely successful both in terms of making the Babylon Club and Society of Revellers more visible and in terms of online user commitment. In concrete terms, there were over 500 tweets relaying the facts of the FLIRT Ottawa, spring/ end of school party, hundreds of FLIRT posters used as Facebook profile photos, over 50 blog mentions, and mass visibility on Canada’s largest Internet portals.

<< The Society of Revellers Group’s intervention enabled the Babylon Club to develop the potential of Social Media. The success of the FLIRT Ottawa, spring/ end of school party campaign and other interventions recommended by the Society of Revellers encouraged us to make social media strategies a more integral part of our communication plans. >>

Mad Anvil
Head of Internet Marketing, Babylon Club


This campaign is a great example of how social networks can be used to get people to promote a cause.

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Your keys to Success as an Entrepreneur – A Reveller Guide

Your keys to Success as an Entrepreneur – A Reveller Guide


He advises other entrepreneurs to maintain discipline, hire a good team, adopt good organizational management and put systems in place.
“Any business is only as good as the system that drives it.”
 Changing the world is sometimes bringing a breath of fresh air to solve simple problems.
In which other sectors or industries do you see potential for business success?
I would say that today in Africa, all the sectors are a source of opportunities because everything needs to be redone. Everything depends on how one starts his business and how he reinvents the existing model. Some countries in sub-Saharan Africa still need a lot: infrastructure (roads, real estate), energy (solar panels, electricity), media (TV stations), healthcare (hospitals, urgent care facilities), manufacturing (products made in Africa), entertainment (cultural products and events), processing of natural resources (mines, metallurgy), affordable and reliable means of communication (telecoms, IT). As you can tell, the list is pretty long. So if someone is passionate about what he does, I would encourage him to come home and to add his stone to the African edifice.
I want to tell the young people Africa’s time is now. We are so lucky because we understand the landscape. Foreigners can see the opportunities but they don’t understand our landscape. We just need to see the opportunity and seize it now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. It’s going. So please, can the young people of Africa make sure they seize the opportunity and keep it in Africa.
10. How can Africa realise its full potential?
By unleashing the power of the youth. The future is in the young people. Everyone today who is 30 and under; those are the people who own Africa. It is their collective efforts that are going to change this world. These people succeeding, each one at a time, is what is going to change Africa. The first thing is to make them believe they can and that is social cultural change which is already happening. Second is having role models.
Step #1 – Call your friends
The first step is to provide a simple baseline for
the rest of this plan.
Right now, you probably have a core group of
friends who are part of your social circle.
If you want to meet more people then you’re going
to start with this group.
So the initial thing to do is call up your friends
and make plans to do something different.
The key is to organize an event which
brings you out of your comfort zone and make you
fun stuff.
In other words, you want to start going to places
which provide a social environment.
Step # 2- Look for hidden opportunities
As you become more social you’re going the
likelihood of getting invited to different events.
Due to inertia, most guys avoid “uncomfortable
Instead of doing this, you should start going
to these events EVEN if you don’t think they’ll
be fun.
The truth is you never know what’ll happen when
you try different things.
Perhaps the most boring event could provide a
chance to meet an interesting girl. So never
pass up an invitation to an event.
The rule of thumb is if you don’t have plans,
you’ll ALWAYS accept an invitation to do something.
Step # 3- Make friends
While it’s great to have old friends, your social
life can get a real shot in the arm if you start
making new friends at the events you’re frequenting.
One piece of advice I recommend is to talk to
EVERYONE at these events.
Even if it’s a bunch of guys, you can still get a
lot of social mileage by talking to people who
have connections.
Even the most mundane person probably knows a few
attractive women.
By making connections with everyone, you’re giving
yourself opportunities to find new friends and
meet more girls.
Here’s a video that explains how to make an INSTANT
connection with any girl you’ve met:
Step #4- Keep contact with your new friends
I like to think of friends as currency.
The more you have, the more you opportunities
you’ll accumulate.
As you meet new people, you’ll start to build
momentum on the number of buddies you’ll acquire.
In order to maximize your opportunities, you
should maintain constant contact with the friends
that you’re making.
Even if you’re just sending a quick email, a
consistent correspondence with your friends will
improve your social life.
By communicating with your friends you’ll stick
out in their minds when a cool event is about to
Step #5- Keep up to date
Almost every area has lots of fun stuff
The problem is most guys won’t bother to look for
Instead they’re satisfied with doing the same
thing over and over.
Don’t be like these guys.
Instead become the man who is up to date on all
events happening in your area. All you have to do
is open you’re local paper and you’ll have access
to dozens, even hundreds of fun things going
Right now, commit yourself to spending a few
minutes each week looking for interesting events
going on in your area.
Step #6- Plan events
It’s human nature to want to be around fun people.
So if you become the guy who plans out the fun times
then you’ll become the focal point of your social
What you want to do is plan out a few different
interesting activities EACH month and invite
everyone that you know.
Eventually the people in your social life will look
to you to plan out the good times.
Over time, you can use these events to meet
interesting women.
Step #7- Be fun
Finally, you have to go beyond being the guy who
plans out fun events.
At all times, you must display a fun and
interesting personality.
When you attend social activities, you should be
regarded as the guy who can make others have a
good time.
The truth is most people live boring lives.
‘It’s better to work alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction”.
If you’re the source of interesting experiences
then people will want to hang out with you.
The end result is you’ll become the first person
they call when they want to have a fun night.
Improving your social life is one of the crucial
elements for meeting and dating a lot of women.
If you follow the seven rules I just discussed,
then you’ll discover that it’s pretty easy to
transform into a fun guy who has an incredible
social life.
Finally, if you want to REALLY skyrocket your
dating life, then watch this video that shows
how to build INSTANT sexual attraction with the
women you’re meeting and approaching:

LADY REVELLERS Mindset : Sans Facon

 LADY REVELLERS Mindset : Sans Facon

Be calm, collected and in the moment: In this lady reveller mindset series, “Restez sans facon” means that you are not intimated nor you dont overreact no matter what the situation will be. Mindfulness is the art of living in the moment. In this month where we are honouring our beautifully talented Lady Revellers from all over the world and giving value to the meaning: La beaute et l’intelligence sont sans couleur


3dreads A Reveller Project

The Project

One of our recent projects was working on the 3 dreads website. A local based organization that promotes black youth entrepreneurial sense and empowerment. It was only right to be linked to this cause as I feel deeply attached to the issue.

In collaboration with the International Black Summit, the Purpose of the International Black Summit is to provide an opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the black community and the world.

Check out our final work at