I learned that a great way to land more consulting clients and at the same time add more revenue to your company is to become a great speaker.

You get the chance to increase your fees as a speaker for specific events related to your industry. When doing so, the way you want to proceed is by

uncovering what other areas you can assist your buyer with.  Going out of your way to make sure your clients understand what they are doing go a long way. 

For example, adding an additional service that could be seen as valuable,  would have been to do some detailed exercises with the clients, or 1-on-1 hot seats as starters. 

Another great touch you can add to your presentation to be remembered is to prepare some materials for the attendees to receive before or after my talk.

Essentially, these are all services that another organization would likely have been more than willing to pay for as long as they saw that this information could be beneficial for their clients…and I believe they would have.

To get you started, please follow this process and remember that the purpose of helping a business or association is to achieve meaningful results. Once you learn to assign an additional fee based on the each added value you bring,

you will be able to gain substantial profit.

1. Before Speaking – list all the actions you will need to take before speaking. This might include interviewing the buyer and others in their industry or company, customizing materials, and providing an analysis or feedback on the complete event.

 2. During Event – keep going with your list and add every action that would take place during the day of the event. If you have a book, then book signing. Doing 1-on-1 or group hot seats or groups as mentioned above, etc.

 3. After Speaking – Are there follow up materials that attendees or the buyer will value from? Can you provide coaching or consulting to the organization or buyer? Does the buyer want extra copies of your book or other intellectual property you have developed?

Once you have your list with three columns. whenever you’re talking with your buyer go through each of these and find a fit. As you list them to your buyer they will show interest in the one they see value in.

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