REVELLERS Pack of the Month

 REVELLERS Pack of the Month


Welcome to our Revellers Pack where we keep up with the ever changing social media landscape. To help you stay up to date with social media marketing, applications and other useful tips to grow your online presence, and business, if you have one, here are some of the news that caught our attention this month:


The Tropics



  • A cute way to learn the Korean alphabet in 15 minutes

  • How to recover your lost files on your cpu via Lifehack

  • Are We Normalizing Debt Instead of Preventing It? Read more here

  • Controversial or NOT? An Arab man judged too hot for Saudi Arabia due to Instagram . Read more here

  • See This old Man? Here is Why He is one of the best people on the planet via Lifehack

  • Find Out How Seoul became one of the world sharing Capitals via Forbes

  • Where Fashion is Heading? Keeping tight-lipped is the influencer’s new power move via Details 

  • Here are Ten Lessons Learned from Pixar for Success via LifeHack

  • 7 Tricks You Must Know If You Have A Camera via Youtube

  • Mesmerizing: Check out how African Luxury is being redefined in Lagos, Nigeria via WSJ

  • Now You Can Use these Six Ways to make Your Content More Visible – here


RVLLR Mots du jour:

We see the true measure of success on Facebook as achieving quality at scale, not just scale alone.”
— Brad Blake and Noah King



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