Facebook Tips from a Reveller Jar

 Facebook Tips from a Reveller Jar


Lets be honest. Everyone loves Facebook for one reason or another . Some loves to surf on Facebook on daily basis or randomly. However, everyone has a basic knowledge of how the platform works. The truth is , many of you are already familiar with Facebook tips on everyday stuffs like adding/deleting friends, saving posts for later viewing,  update your status, using the walls and profile, and upload photos. Also, it is worth noting that there are a lot of pages and & applications, that could be explored, hence why we compiled these links for relevant articles to maximize your Facebook savvy.

Facebook Introduces Audience Network: “A new way for advertisers to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.”

Facebook Expands Availability of Business Manager: “A tool that lets large advertisers manage all of their ad accounts, pages, apps and permissions in one place—”

Facebook Announces Anonymous Login: “A brand-new way to log into apps without sharing any personal information from Facebook.”

Facebook Updates Page Roles: “Managers are now called admins, content creators are editors and Insights analysts are analysts. Keep in mind that only the names of these roles, not what they can do, have changed.

Facebook Messenger Improves Video and Photo Sharing: “Everything’s front and center, so it’s easier to send photos, voice messages and more.”

20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know: Check out 20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know.- Hongkiat 

5 marketing plans that you can follow or train your staff to do to achieve a higher rate of organic reach. – SocialMediopolis 


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