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Four Things You didnt Know About Society of Revellers

Four Things You didn’t Know About Society of Revellers

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What we’ll do is continue down the path of mixing technologies.”

— Uber’s Jeff Holden








1.How did you get your start in design?

I was first interested in becoming a pilot. Then my passion for drawing characters and clothes grew. At this point, I wanted to become a fashion illustrator became an obsession. This became more apparent when I went to primary school. Back then, I had to take mandatory Arts Plastiques (graphic design classes). It was at this moment I found out that I really liked designing. This was in the early 1990s, when designs consisted of graphics, bande dessinee(comic books) , croquis, art, and fashion portraits. So it was a seamless transition from trying to become a fashion illustrator to becoming a fashion creative director and designer.

My goal has always been to make the plan, start small, perfect it, then grow. As Hov said, slow money is better than no money

At Society of Revellers, we noticed that our designs got stronger when we became more focused. We gave our designing process structure. We now have a set amount of fabrics, colors, and styles per color and fabric, and we design into that. It forces us to become more focused and more clear. It’s like a sonnet, a poem that has structure. Every creative thing needs some sort of structure.

2.Where do you find inspiration?

I believe that inspiration is all around us. From being in Cote d’Ivoire and now in Canada, I always try to make the best out of my environment .  It is cold where I am currently in Ottawa so you spend considerable time online to expose yourself to other creative artists. The reveller motto is that you have to always be mentally and visually aware of your surroundings . Solitude also helps to find a sense of inspiration to be found somewhere. It can be a book. It can be a website. Sometimes, you get inspired by a person that you see walking down the street or in public transformation. Always remain open to new ideas, as a major part of the job as a designer. Like combinations. Across everything, we do fabric combinations exceptionally well. It’s our bread and butter. Whether it’s shirting with two different prints, or a leather jacket with a wool sleeve and ribbed collar, the sum is more exciting than the individual parts.

3.Describe the Reveller guy.

He’s into fashion and likes to look good. He cares about the clothes on his body. He doesn’t live and breathe fashion, but he cares. He’s our friend, he’s us, he’s someone we’re hanging out with. He doesn’t have to be a guy in fashion. He likes quality. When he buys something, he wants to buy it as an investment. He’s not into throwaway fashion or trends. He’s into classic menswear with a twist, cool, and interested in the world around him. We constantly think about the customer, especially in our talks with each other. Would our friend wear this? When someone puts our clothes on, they’re going to feel right. A little cooler, without trying too hard or thinking too much.

4. What do you love most about your job?

We create content that educates and moves people. Nous sommes bilingues. Being open to what goes on around me, soaking it up, and doing something with it that’s appropriate to the brand I work for. It all feels very natural to me, almost like a hobby. Creating and producing a collection that can be sold. I love the show Shark Tank.On it, most people have one product that they’ve worked on for years. We’re selling 300 products a year, and we have to get them all right, from different sources and factories, and sell them on a wholesale level to retailers. It can be rough, because there are so many different pieces to the puzzle.









Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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