Guys Of All Trades Case Study

Guys Of All Trades Case Study




Here at SOR, we love working with Small & Medium Sized Businesses, especially with experts in industries that we use and might need at times ourselves. GOAT or Guys of All Trades even though was a relatively new company, has been already a thriving company renovating and providing maintenance to homes, but was motivated by the need to do logo, business cards and flyers to increase their business to more prospects in the NCR.




GOAT was somewhat a new company in this industry at the time and during the planning phase, we repeatedly heard about how project completion in a timely manner was essential to this company in order to secure initial potential clients and inform of their identity. The logo created for the brand, displayed all the elements of the services that the company offered. Also, the Guys of All Trades print is screwed onto a piece of wood , conveying the handyman team’s services provided by the company for their prospects.






We made a large number of revisions while working with GOAT. The goal was to maximize the opportunity to let people know what GOAT was all about and the services offered by this company. Their promise was quite simple: clean friendly guys-next-door that will take on all the work that many homeowners don’t feel like doing while providing efficiency and affordability.







We designed the ad campaign while keeping in mind the niche market that GOAT is going after. The company knows that their customers might have a limited budget but would expect high quality and standards when it will come to working on their homes. The tagline “Renovation & Maintenance Experts” on the front page of the flyer has a double meaning: It tells the potential customers about the areas that GOAT specializes in. Also, it details exactly what these services are in the back of the flyer to make sure that the prospects know what they could expect when working with GOAT






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