Hipstory by Amit Shimoni

Hipstory by Amit Shimoni

Amit Shimoni is an artist who decided to take on world leaders and re-imagine them as modern hipsters. The results are quite good and we must say that we were impressed at the Revellers HQ. According to Design Boom, “designer amit shimoni illustrates a union of the two by pairing painted portraits of famous world leaders with the outfits and hairstyles of today’s youth. In the ‘hipstory’ series, che guevara sports a colorful beanie, layered flannel shirts and american spirit tabacco in his pocket; john f kennedy dons a nose ring, chains and t-shirt, seemingly bearing a black and white picture of marilyn monroe; mahatma gandhi’s peaceful personality is reflected in a tie-dye top and 60s-style shades”.

Peep the series below and check out Design boom for more

mandella__700 gandhi__700 churchill__700 lenin__700 mao__700 lincoln__700 kennedy__700 

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