How Puff Daddy Showed His Public Speakig Talent at Howard University’s Commencement Speech

How Puff Daddy Proved Critics Wrong at Howard University’s Commencement















“Your drive and your light needs to be gr8ter and stronger than any system. That’s what I learn from Diddy and Oprah ‘ s success. You cannot achieve true gr8tness without the will & drive to take risks. Experience teaches this, not books and systems. At every turn, those who want it more and have more drive than degrees always end up on top. To me this is the easy way because when you know who you are, there is no way for you to be anything else. You strive in that passion and u don’t stop till u get what u need and what u want. Every honorary degree recipient leading commencement for those of us trying to do “it” the right way is basically telling us that we aint doing it right but we can do it better. Beyonce and Jay Z got next. Watch…and pay better attention! These beautiful people don’t have loans or accredited education but they do have $, power, will, and drive. Be gr8, take risks, & BELIEVE in God, yourself, and connect well!”

The only people complaining are those who contribute nothing but negativity wherever they go. Nobody is going to take you to the front of the line—you need to push to the front of the line. By selecting Combs, Howard picked the ideal speaker in terms of relevance to the audience and university. College is about working towards an endgame, but that endgame isn’t just a degree, it’s success.

Today is SUNDAY and everyone needs a motivation from time to time. This Made me get up today and run an extra mile. Stay Motivated Revellersl!!!! Respect Diddy as he is an entertainer and been doing it over 20 years lol he knows what stage presence is.


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