How to become a Successful Freelance

 How to become a Successful Freelance








We are all different and we have various work ethics when it comes to the task at hand.  I have compiled a list of the best tips used when I was doing freelance work. I bet that some of you have already use several of these tips. Hopefully most of you will also find a tip or two that can help you to succeed in what you do! :)

I read this article on the Secrets of A Successful Freelancing by Deborah L. Jacobs, where she mentioned that

As a freelancer, I viewed the work world as a series of opportunities – a philosophy that few job hunters share. Serendipitous connections could lead to fruitful business relationships. That positively reinforced my faith in self-employment. Don’t believe me? Here are examples of the types of anchor clients I had over the years, and some of the backstories behind them”.

Here are three benefits that she mentioned as important to anyone starting as freelancer today:

Consultant in lieu of full-time. Being a free agent gives you the liberty to sign on for something less than a full time job. That could make you attractive to an organization that doesn’t want to increase its headcount or is looking to cut costs.

Virtual staff. New technology enables many startups (and larger enterprises) to rely on freelance virtual teams rather than full-time employees for specific purposes. I’ve worked that way with a lot of startups. One of them was Bloomberg, before it became a large news organization.

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Contract academic jobs. In contrast to the unconventional arrangement that financed my journalism degree, many self-employed people find part-time academic work. Take a look at this infographic from EssayTigers, that illustrates how to become a successful freelance writer.











Feel free to leave your own tips or feedback using the comments, and good luck in the world of freelancers! :)






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