How To Become a Vegetable Growing Pro with this Infographic

 How To Become a Vegetable Growing Pro with this Infographic
















This infographic came out last month and we could not wait to share it with those of you who have not seen it yet. Lets be honest here, most of us spend so much on our computers and don’t go out as much in nature as we should. One thing is for certain: we all have the general principle idea when it comes to growing vegetables: plant seed, add water and watch the vegetable grow. It comes across as a fairly easy process but in reality, lets just say that the logistics can be much more complicated. This infographic is genius as it details vegetable growing tips and showing you exactly when & where to plant your vegetable. I can tell you with confidence that you will become a vegetable growing pro in no time with this clean cheat sheet.

Here are 10 Tips You Will Learn in this Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet :

1. The timing, meaning when exactly to plant 

2. At what distance should you keep your plant seeds?

3. What needs propagating

4. How to build a greenhouse and what to put in it

5. Determine the size of  pot to plant in

6. The spacing for thin seedlings out (the gap)

7. What are the Germination and maturation times?

8. Which pests to be on the look out for

9. What kind of vegetables works best together?

10. When is a good time to harvest!?

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/a-vegetable-growing-cheat-sheet-infographic.html#ixzz39cqcHx00


See more at: http://visual.ly/vegetable-growing-cheat-sheet#sthash.ITsh9ymS.dpuf

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