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How to Grow a Full Beard – A Reveller Blueprint

 How to Grow a Full Beard – A Reveller Blueprint

















Thick, full facial hair has historically been a symbol of power, ruggedness and masculinity in some cultures. Growing a full beard or even just a mustache requires some patience and perseverance, since the rate your hair grows and how thick it comes in depends largely on genetics and levels of testosterone. Although nature dictates your hair growth, you can take some steps to help it along. The first week or two of growth can be uncomfortable. Your skin needs to get used to the feeling. A good moisturizing cream (one without too much perfume) should soothe the irritation. Beard (or hair) conditioner can also help you avoid that itchy feeling.

















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There you have it. Let us know how your beard growth has advanced and if you are planing to stay dedicated to grow something. 

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