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TSU Series II: How to Make Money on Tsu

TSU Series II: How to Make Money on Tsu












According to Tsu’s founder, Sebastian Sobczak:

“Established social networks have built amazing business models prospering on the total monetization of free user-generated content. Why should anyone commercially benefit from someone else’s image, likeness and work giving no financial return to the owner? The markets we participate in are enormous, growing and can materially compensate each user — we’re simply and uniquely rewarding the users who are doing all the work. This is the way the world should work.”

Can YOU Really Make money on Tsu? I was skeptical at first TOO.

In the second instalment of our TSU Series, we take a look at why TSU is so appealing to all content creators. Let’s face it, Facebook, Twitter, and their investors have been profiting from content generated by us. Unfortunately, there is one problem: the user himself does not see any money, while the social network gets all the money from targeted ad. Essentially, TSU gives you the ultimate motive to be happy doing something that you are already doing on a day to day basis.

Some people reading this might think that this is another networking scam. The truth is that you have been using Facebook for years and have not got any cents from the platform on your personal profile. Your content have made social media moguls like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Dick Costolo (Twitter), super rich. With TSU, I can tell you that 1) there is no money to join 2) royalties and revenue are shared to the users. With other social networks, every time you posted something on their platform, ad revenue trickled right into their bank accounts. On the other hand, TSU gives 90% of all generated revenue back to its users , and keeps only 10% for themselves.

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You make money two ways:

1. You earn half of your own content, that you created.

2. The other half of your earning, comes from content of those you’ve referred the platform to.

The platform is Invite Only so you can go to your settings page and get your unique short code to be used to invite friends (basically your profile page url). Once you click on your family tree, you can see everyone that you have referred to the link . Your earnings can be cashed out once you have hit a certain threshold, or also process peer-to-peer transactions.


All you have to do on TSU, is exactly what you are already doing . We are looking forward for you Revellers to join us on this exciting journey and want you to experience it first hand. The potential for growth is very realistic and the promise that this platform can one day overtake Facebook , is real. Yet, we still all have to wait and see.



































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