How to Remain Strong When You are Feeling at your lowest

How to Remain Strong When You are Feeling at your lowest




Waking up some days can be tough. Especially when it is -30 and below outside for weeks . The truth is, “qui ne risque n’a rien.” (who don’t risk anything gain nothing). Since I have been here for quite some time,  I really think that being in Canada requires extreme mental fitness, no matter who or what stage you are in your life. 

A reveller is someone who never focus on his weaknesses. Instead he only wants to excel in everything that he is working on at that specific moment, When you think about it, we all have strengths and weaknesses. Refusing to dwell on things that you can not control allows you to be stronger mentally. I read somewhere that “Focusing on your strengths establishes a confident mindset filled with possibilities and opportunities. Focusing on your weaknesses turns something weak into something average. Focusing on your strengths turns something strong into something exceptional”.

The truth is that our brains can only focus on one thought at a time. When I got into some trouble years ago, I was hurt and disappointed in my own self. I was literally at one of the lowest points in my life as I felt that I let my family down. Fighting a transportation charge in Canada can be a devastating thing to happen to anyone but even worse when you are months away from acquiring citizenship in a country that you love and where you have spent the last 12 years of your life. If I only focused on my weakness and dwell about the whole situation, my mind would have been weaker and filled with doubt and negativity. Instead, I kept my spirit high, prayed and meditated, while focusing on my strengths which have been in PR, publishing and social media tutoring. This was a choice I had to make by maintaining a confident mindset and always keep my heart opened with opportunities and possibilities for a better tomorrow.

Ask yourself this question : Do you wish for confidence and growth or doubt and stagnation?

Please leave me some comments below and some tips on how you deal with mental strength on a regular basis

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