Join Borderless Visions: Transforming the Way We Build Nations!

Borderless Visions: Transforming the Way We Build Nations!

 Black History Month is right around the corner and Society of Revellers is going to be involved with leaders in the community to bring awareness and provide workshops on the importance of social media and tools available to manage your reputation  in a increasingly technologically advanced world and where privacy becomes a daily subject of conversation.

Within the conversation of global citizenship and service learning, the Be More Leadership Academy of 3 Dreads and a Baldhead (3 Dreads) created a curriculum that provides youth with the opportunity to not only learn about leadership and civic engagement, but to be about leadership and civic engagement through partnerships and placements established with communities in Nairobi, Kenya; Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; New Orleans, Louisiana; Washington D.C.; and St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. Funds raised go towards sponsoring the participation of additional youth and young adults, not covered under the YMCA Exchange Program due to age restrictions in terms of airfare, accommodation, food, travel insurance, etc.

If you have not heard from this organization before, it is time to do so. Society of Revellers is  a proud supporter of this group promoting the importance of global cultural diversity and service learning to enhance everyone knowledge and respect for one another.

Join the conversation, Get Involved, Support the Cause. Be a Reveller


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