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REVELLERS Best of Web Series

 REVELLERS Best of Web Series


































Regardless of industry, marketers across organizations – from those in PR and marketing comms, to those in marketing operations – struggle to track their spend on all marketing programs and stay on budget. This week, we have tools to help you search better, tips on getting the bets selfie ideas to generate a lot of comments and shares, classes available to learn Google Academy program. Chris Bailey reveals tips on how to improve your productivity in a podcast that I adore.  We’ve also spiced it up with the new meaning of the missionary position in your sexual habits, plus the release of the Puma Wilderness Pack II

1. Here are five sites and tools you’ve never heard of that’ll change the way you search going forward here
2. These selfie ideas will get you more likes and comments via PostPlanner 
3. This Yelp World Map Charts Hipster hotbeds in Toronto via The Star 

4. This Google Academy course will turn you into a SEO pro via Google 

5. Most people rarely think about it, which is weird, considering it’s the most common position. How do feel about the Missionary position via Details 

6. After releasing their “Wilderness Pack” upon the masses a few weeks back, PUMA again teams with UK’s own, Size?, for a second helping of the outdoors inspired concept. This time, comprised of both the Disc Blaze and Blaze Of Glory models, each variation dons a the nature-like look which brings to life a unique mix of colors and materials. via here

7. Can you See the future through the eyes of young Africans? Visualize it here

8. One of The Best Podcasts out there, by Lewis Howes: This episode is on Productivity. Click here to listen

9. Find out  four ways you can use visual content to motivate real-time interaction here 

10. These Ten Pieces of Art proves that Crayola crayons are the Best Tool Ever, via Complex Magazine here


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