REVELLERS Best of Web Series

REVELLERS Best of Web Series 

For anyone that has somehow managed to avoid the internet for a week, even if you try, I don’t think you can pull it off. I am kidding. I am sure a lot of you have the recipe. In our Revellers Best of Web Series, I love new suggestions so feel free to divulge any tips on how to pull that off in the comments section below. Anyways, I’ve got everything that you’ve missed wrapped up in this Best of Web Series from growth hacking strategies, to networking apps aim to build relationships, to the Fashion obsessed Ebay buyers to the analysis of your Facebook post frequency. What works and what does not? Revellers are you ready? Lets dive right in!


These 10 Habits Will Actually Make You Smarter if you follow through – here

5 Ways to Find Leads and Customers on Twitter – here

Growth Hacking Strategies via Visually

Check out 14 tools to add to your social media marketing toolbox and why you should consider using them. via SME 

These are the 35 Best Personal Websites that we have Ever seen via The Muse

Discover how seven networking apps to build relationships here

Lagos: The World Capital of the Entrepreneur as everyone is selling something. Or as my driver put it, they are “chasing the money”. via @MadeitinAfrica

We still LOVE Ebay: for many fashion insiders, it’s the unpolished and uncurated eBay that continues to make fashion hearts beat faster. via @BoF 

Facebook Post Frequency: How to Find Out What Works. Read more here

Take a Look at Africa’s local dynamos: Five companies changing the rules of business  via @MadeitinAfrica




Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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