Revellers Pack Week 1 of February 2014

 Revellers Pack Week 1 of February 2014

Being patient, understanding what you are going against and where you are heading, is critical to our survival. The month of February, is all about removing any fear that you have and get things done. In the game of life, failure is not an option. Finding a course of action, validate your emotions, work with your feelings, and having mental toughness is critical because accepting failure can only make you stronger. Being comfortable, being more authentic, real, more honest, becoming more fearless, and caring less about what people think, is what a reveller quality truly is.



1.Big move: Lacoste Heirs Buy Stake in Skiwear Brand Fusalp – here

2. Data: Research shows that higher unemployment leads to more “Facebook” searches – here

3. AIRTAME: Wireless HDMI for Everyone. Pretty sweet if you ask me Revellers – here

4. When Searches for Facebook Spike, So Does Unemployment. – here

5. The #Menswear Places To See Before You Die. – here

6. Six secrets of high-performing multi-millionaires. – here

7.  See what the NY Times is calling “The Reincarnated Metrosexual” – here

8. Would You Buy a Newport blend soap? – here

9. I love her work, so should you. Stella Jean, the Haitian- Italian designer. – here

10. Ten Unconventional but Great Tips to help you sleep – here

On vous adore Revellers! A la semaine prochaine.


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