RVLLR Best of Web Series 3

RVLLR Best of Web Series 3












1. Some people already seem to think tweeting is an art form — and a new website wants to take your 140-character quips and turn them into real, bona fide poetry.

This wonderful tool, called Poetweet, will simply scan your tweets and turn them into one of three poetic forms: either a sonnet, a rondel or an indriso. All you do is plug in your Twitter handle, choose the form you prefer and then sit back and wait for magical, poetic glory to emerge.

2. Adidas App lets Sneakerheads wait virtual lines for limited editions via BoF


3. The Best Accounts to Follow on Instagram – Instamen via GQ

4. Essential Mens Suits that You Need in Your Life via Details 


5. In a world where fashion moves Instagram-fast, the “look” of the season is a thing of the past. And that’s a cause for rejoicing. via NYTimes

6. Barneys Is Publishing Its Own Magazine via Racked


7. Twelve Reasons You Should Have Sex With Your Partner Every Day via lifehack 

8. Google introduces a virtual ‘Genius Bar’ to answer device questions via @The Verge

9. Do You Know the Ingredients for a Virility Diet via Details

10. Six Tips to Know on Double Breasted Jackets via GQ 





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