RVLLR Best of Web Series Watch Tinashe’s “Bated Breath” Video

RVLLR Best of Web Series Watch Tinashe’s “Bated Breath” Video

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Invest young and the power of compound interest will make you rich. Really? Yes, really. Here’s a super-simple example that will knock your socks off.

Do you ever feel like — when it comes to getting ahead financially — the deck is stacked against you? True, it’s not easy being a 20-something in today’s economy. But you have one thing going for you that has your Baby Boomer parents jealous.
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Why Hiring a DATA DRIVEN MODERN MARKETING TEAM  is the best thing for your business

The recent proliferation in new channels (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, digital TV, mobile messaging apps) 
and new technologies (marketing automation, retargeting, custom audiences) has made it more challenging than ever to deliver a consistent strategy and inspired customer experience. Modern marketers look at things like working dollars vs. non-working dollars. Conversions, leads and churn rate. Likes, comments, and shares. Retweets, reblogs, and reposts. CRM, CPM, CPA, and CPC. The list goes on. via @thenextweb


Watch Tinashe’s “Bated Breath” Video

Tinashe returns to her impressive debut album, Aquarius, today, as she releases her 8-minute video for “Bated Breath.” In the extended clip, Tinashe plays the role of a stranded pilot that is forced to make her way through the desert following a crash while at the same time, belting out the emotional lyrics to the song. Although the visual seems extensive, Tinashe revealed that the production only took about five hours and that is was pretty DIY.


 5 Ways to Always Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room via @themuse 

Francophone Africa: A new battlefield for the banking industry here

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