RVLLRS Best of Web Series

RVLLRS Best of Web Series

Welcome to the Best of Web Series: my weekly roundup of the latest social media news, controversies, and new features. This week, learn How to Write a Cover Letter, Pretend that You are fired today and learn tips on what to do. Discover GoldBely, six money mistakes rich People don’t Make and How Your personal website can land you your next job.  Stay tuned each week to find out what’s hot in the social media, health and tech world



How to Write a Cover Letter – 31  Tips You Need to Know via TheMuse
Best Job Search Advice I ever Received: Pretend that You are fired today via CareerAttraction 
We Love GoldBely: The Startup that Delivers Great Fresh products to your door via TechCrunch 
How  My Personal Website Helped me Land my Dream Job via TheMuse
Six stretches for people who sit at desks here


How to grow your Instagram followers via RazorSocial
Three Ways to Earn Investment Income via Forbes
Six Money Mistakes Rich People don’t Make via TheMuse
Why Startups are a good Place to gain valuable work experience via Madeitin Africa 
How to Build a Brand: From Nurture to Engagement via MadeitinAfrica


BoF sits down with MCM’s Sung-Joo Kim to talk about wooing the Chinese customer, building the brand beyond its logo and going West here

Seven Things Every Guy Can do to be perfect for her via EliteDaily

Three Amazing Tricks to Help You Remember the Little Details. via TheMuse

Ten Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail via Complex

New Tools To Discover: 
Cartodb.com: The simplest data import on the web allows you to create visualizations in seconds. This app allows you make sense of your location data and power your business.
Exploreb2b.com: Network within specific industries and target experts who will advance your business. Efficiently expand your professional reach and learn about new solutions through dialogue with potential collaborators.
Angel.co: Stop digging through an inbox full of résumés. Connect with high quality candidates in one click with this app

Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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