Science Behind a Happy Relationship

Science Behind a Happy Relationship

Valentine Day was recently and many people had the time of their lives. Others didnt. However, the combination of sharing joy as a couple, stronger communication, trusting one another and honesty, are at the core of having a happy union. According to this Infographic Revealing The Secrets Of The Happiest Couples from Happify, romantic relationships are easier to achieve than you would expect.

Melanie Pinola  analyzed the infographic and realized that “when it comes to strengthening your relationship, studies show the most crucial factor is how you celebrate your partner’s good news. In one study, people who did this 3x a day for 1 week increased their happiness and felt less depressed afterwards”.

Please click on each image below to view the full infographic. Leave comments on how have you applied any of these tips or if you would apply them on anyone close to your heart

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