Semaine de la Poutine / Poutine Week 2014

Semaine de la Poutine / Poutine Week 2014
























This is such a great initiative. I love Canada for this reason. And many others of course. We all know that Quebec is the go to land of the Poutine. I remembered when I moved in Canada and lived in Montreal for my first few years. The Poutine was this mythical yet common meal that almost everyone in Canada can recognize as a true sign of Canadian Culinary identity. The original poutine looked great. However, with the rise of fusion cuisine and new contemporary chefs being more daring than ever, the “classic poutine” as you know it has had a major makeover over the last few years. Whats a better way to celebrate this dish than participating in the OFFICIAL Poutine Week. It is taking place from February 1st – 7th, 2014 featuring 30 of Montreal’s top restaurants. From what I heard, these 30 restaurants will be serving up never-before-seen poutine dishes, only available during Poutine Week 2014. So make sure you get out there! The beauty behind all of this, is that if you can not be in Montreal from February 1st to 7th. It gets better, Poutine Week 2014 is also happening in Quebec City, Ottawa, and Toronto! It is essentially a week long event bringing together passionate of food, Canadian foodies and bien sur poutine lovers. I fall under all three categories :)

The way it works is simple: Every time you try one of the featured restaurants during Poutine Week, make sure to vote at so we can find out who has the best poutine.

Revellers, it is time to celebrate the great tradition of fries, curds, and gravy!!

P.S: All 30 participating Montreal restaurants will be serving their delicious dishes for only $10 or less! 

Peep some of the photos below showing you the creative minds at work during Poutine Week. You will get hungry when you see it.

See you around Revellers

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