Social Marketing Workshops

Resourceful on Site Training

Managing in an efficient way internal social media correspondence strategies can be overpowering. At Society of Revellers, we provide On-Site Training as a remarkably effective tool for educating your organization.
On-site training educates team members in an efficient and cohesive way to deliver results that are specific to your organization.
Our On-site training is one of the most “hands-on” tutoring and preparation you can get from Society of Revellers Web Agency. As soon as we understand your needs, our team work with you to develop a curriculum that will engage your team leaders, relevant officers, sales group or your whole company.

Follow up for Success

Society of Revellers provides you with a well-timed follow-up to ensure the training boost your personnel and company towards your goals.
Our on -site training is one of the most powerful way to train your teams and expand the power of social media inside your organization.

One-On-One Training

Intensive Social Media Training for Business
New to social media? Need information and great tips really fast. learn all the right techniques with us. Those strategies will help you to grow your business via the most important social media sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging and others.

Interested? This is not for the slacker. Your mindset and your business MUST be VERY serious about this training. We limit the number of One on One training and our SocialCoach program is even more limited.

Tailored programs: Convenient, Cost and Time Efficient

You pick the time and place and we can spend the morning or the whole day to get your teams trained on the social media platform tactics and methods that will optimize your companies’ goals and objectives.
Society of Revellers will customize the guide and choose the appropriate social media consultants, and trainers for your on-site visit.
Practical, personal, hands-on, social media training 

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