Your Competitor Analysis

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Your Competitor Analysis

Once you’re not thinking, your opponent is. We are not mind readers but we will do the next best thing and closely track your competitors’ social media efforts and fan activity and then present that information to you in a concise report as frequently as you’d like. Think of us as your social media corporate secret agent, roaming cyberspace just for you!
For a brand or a business to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and maybe even learn a little from them, it’s essential to track and monitor their social media messaging. It’s almost like a window into their soul and reflects on what’s working on your end

Client Testimonial Videos

Seeing your client in a video clip talking about your company will come out as more credible and impactful than a written testimonial. How so? That’s easy! Let us interview your best and most candid customers and post their endorsement messages on the most appropriate social networking sites as well as on your website.
The Society of Revellers believes that there is no more effective marketing tool than a satisfied client talking about his or her experience with your company. If you’re not presenting client testimonial videos on your social media sites, you’re missing a huge opportunity!


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