Social Marketing

The Society of Revellers, based out in Ottawa, offers branding advices tailored to your needs and expectations. In a few words, we specifically assess your current online presence, or inexistent presence, and then we create a strategy that will help you reach your desires.
Lets look at the tools that we use and how do we implement them for maximum exposure of your brand.

• Designing a fully integrated social media interaction and engagement plan that captures the SMM goals of the company Profile/Page Optimization
• Efficiently designed landing page (iFrame/FBML) to encourage LIKE conversions
• Updating Your community and Tell Your Fans marketing
• Effectively posting key information that will be easily visible on the “wall” and the walls of the clients followers
• Increasing exposure and establishing brand recognition
• Paid Social Search campaign management
• Insights analysis
• Contests, Sweepstakes, Polls and other engaging viral campaigns for giveways
• Facebook Application integration and development
• Gaining a strong and respected “fan base” to further enhance credibility

• Establishing setup of Google+ for Business
• Implementing the +1 button with the Business page
• Generate followers and segment them in to specific “circles”
• Leverage “hangouts” and train clients how to use this feature to conduct meetings online with clients and potential clients
• Effective information sharing and how to improve search engine rankings and page authority with Google+
• Implement an aggressive marketing strategy to gain authority
• Analytic analysis and evaluation

• “Tweeting” to establish a presence and build brand reputation online, and responding to tweets
• Generating a strong “follower base”, where tweets will be primarily communicated
• Engaging tweets with appropriate lists, #hashtags and @authoritative profiles
• Gaining exposure by “following” reputable members / business
• List Management of your followers
• Posting relevant articles found online that relate to your business / industry

• Establish the clients profile that includes all information comparable to a resume
• Create and manage completion of profile through addition of services, careers
• Analytics analysis
• Network with key professionals found in the industry and in the general working environment
• Properly communicate with followers and build upon personal and brand recognition
• Gain integrity to be recognized as a respectable professional

• Profile and Channel Creation and Design
• You Tube Channel Optimization
• Upload and management of videos
• Optimization of titles, descriptions and tags
• Continuously search for innovative and new material that can be posted to gain maximum exposure within the clients industry
• Construct a structured plan to generate many “subscriptions, “views” and “comments”

• Create a defined strategy in leveraging Pinterest to present business identity
• Develop consistent approach for relevant, compelling visual and written content
• Strategically plan the optimal number of boards and organizations of pins
• Optimize posts for SEO gain
• Differentiating Pinterest presence from those of competitors
• Create a coordinated strategy that compliments company accounts on other social platforms
• Widen exposure through consistently growing follower-base
Foster connections with notable account holders to expand reach 

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