The Only Social Media Tips You Need

 The Only Social Media Tips You Need

We live in a age of constant stream flow of information and there are many sources out there that compete against one another. Find out how to share content that converts and make readers want to know more about your material in this article.


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Easy to read and relevant to your audience

Everyone wants to learn something that can be shared with their peers. Matter of fact, everyone also wants to be entertained to some extent. Knowing this, the subject matter should be relevant,and the only way to stand out will be to provide more valuable and more useful information for the reader than your direct competitor’s content. Nobody likes to see grammatical errors when reading online content. Therefore make sure that your content is error free because it show that you care about your readers and the quality of the content you are putting out. Relevant, entertaining and educational content will make readers return to your page over and over while sharing your content to their respective networks.

Experiment with new mediums of communication

Everyone learns differently. Remember that when you decide to choose the appropriate medium for your company/personal branding,. Diversifying is the name of this game, because not everyone uses the same platforms as you. Always mix up your content with presentations, include articles, eBooks, info graphics, white papers and more.  Whether creating visual or written content, know your audience and who you’re writing for. Always provide information that is new and relevant. Do not only talk about your company, but rather talk about your audience and target their wants and needs. In your content, let them know that you value their time, and are not there only to press products or sales upon them.

Your content should be easily found

Creating content is one thing. Getting the content to the masses on the other hand can get tricky. Use SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), social advertising, content syndication and marketing tools to be found. Another aspect of your strategy should be making your articles easily found and navigable on your website. At the same time, visitors can browse your library and discover your valuable content.

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Personalize content across multiple dimensions

Focus on personalizing your message and it will be much more effective and related to your audience. Check out these tips below to see how you can make your content stands out:

Tip 1: Use social media to encourage your audience to participate in and contribute content in a meaningful way. If the content connects with their own experience in a meaningful way, your audience will be more likely to engage with and amplify that content.

Tip 2: Activate subject matter experts within your organization in order to create content which goes beyond product marketing and provides helpful content which will resonate with an expert audience. Provide subject matter experts with quick and easy training on how to create content which works for a blog or social media up front and then empower them to write about the topics which they know most about.

Tip 3: There is a fine balance between promoting on-domain content and off-domain content. Without the balance, you risk missing potential revenue and/or engagement with the audience. Regardless of the content’s source, it must fulfill the primary goal: driving buyers through the purchasing cycle.

Tip 4: Using typography allowed an agency (Exponent) to override the Facebook restriction of 20% or less text for ad images used with Land O Lakes campaigns.

Tip 5: Create a company blog (hybrid site) that is a combination of internal and external content. It will increase interest in the site and make visitors more likely to return. There is no one “magic formula” for success in content marketing. Every audience has different content and social preferences. To succeed, you need to pay attention to what is working for other marketers, and then run tests to find out what works best for your audience.

Tip 6: Products should not be the focus of a blog, but instead, it should provide information that help visitors gain success. Look for opportunities to inject storytelling into messaging through social media engagement – even if you’re in an industry not necessarily known for emotion-touched content.









Tip 7: B2B audiences are well informed, so when it comes to blog content, provide expert and technical content for readers. When it comes to social media marketing, self-promotion and helpfulness is a unique balance for every organization.

Tip 8: You probably already have subject matter experts in your company who can be grown into public facing thought leaders – with a little guidance and motivation. As marketers, it’s our job to not only help them master content creation tactics such as blogging and social media, but to show them why it’s important.

Tip 9: Social media is a great way to spread brand awareness and grab your audience’s attention. Using visual pieces with an enticing calls to action can have substantial results. Know your audience, and use appropriate language to receive engagement on social networks, whether that be likes, shares, comments or retweets. Emotion-evoking visual content and language can go a long way with the appropriate audience.

Tip 10: To build relationships with influencers on social, you need to first learn about them. Who is their audience? What are their goals for engaging online? What is in it for them when they help you? If you are able to clearly communicate how helping you benefits the influencer, you will have better results when you reach out to them. People want meaningful connections, so give the people what they want in an opportunistic way using real-time monitoring and popular platforms.


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