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Society of Revellers Invited to Flofferz Magazine Release Party

Society of Revellers Invited to Flofferz Magazine Release Party


Flofferz Magazine Release Private Party is happening in Ottawa and is going to feature the cream of the cream in the fashion scene in Ottawa. This will be taking place Friday, January 31, 2014, between 7.00 Р9.00 p.m. at Gallery 101 (301 1/2 Bank St.).

The Society of Revellers would like to congratulate the Flofferz team Felicitations to my good friend Ramatta and all her creative team for bringing to our attention that print is still alive and well and that quality content will always have the need and beauty of being tangible.

Please read the Press Release below

Readers are finding themselves captivated by the upcoming release of Flofferz, an online magazine based out of Ottawa. This bi-monthly fashion magazine is a discussion on culture, philosophy, art and fashion.

A team of young creative contributors with artistic integrity have come together to design an underground


Flofferz combines visuals with creative writing to unveil a clearer perspective of what is happening at the

ground level of our generation. Covering fashion stories, interviews, photographers, events and parties, the Flofferz aesthetic is intrinsically linked to a grunge-art fantasy. The creative writings presented are supported by facts and information on foundations and charities working to improve quality of life.

There is no off-limit topic for Flofferz content. The creators of this magazine tell it like it is without sugar- coating. The content is raw and blunt, expressing differing opinions and perspectives. Only accepting works that speak from the heart, from people who go all-in; Flofferz hopes to provide a strong, credible message as an example for our youth.

January 31st, 2014, will celebrate the launch of Issue 00 and bring awareness to a charity of interest, the

Africa Yoga Project.

The evening will be hosted at Gallery 101 – music supplied by a local artist, Meredith Jay, for the unveiling of our new magazine.

Please R.S.V.P. to info@flofferz.com. Sincerely,

Your attendance at this event is greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to a fun and interesting


Philip A. Zayed

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