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SOR : Stylish Over Regularity

 SOR : Stylish Over Regularity

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 Society Of Revellers caters to entrepreneurs, artists, as well as small and medium size businesses worldwide. We have various acronyms for our different entities. SOR aka Source of References for our link sharing and content curating section.  SOR offers much insight through our blog, Facebook and twitter account on social media marketing, advertising, marketing campaigns, product placement and e-commerce strategies. Here at SOR or Sons of the Revolution, our focus is also to build a scalable personal styling service that we combine with verified, proven analytics with human stylists from various parts of the world. Each of our client is paired with a personal stylist. This person then receives clothing recommendations online from our stylist. We pride ourselves in maintaining top quality in all of the styling that we do, and highly value developing the styling experience from a user’s perspective.

The Tips that we provide focus on these main elements below:

Content Curation & discovery – Brand Reputation – Fashion -Tech – Design – E- Commerce – Gastronomy – Translation – Finance

 Our advice to all our friends and partners: 

Do what you do and do it well. Forget about the notion of a well thought out 5-year plan. The world is not the same way that it was  years ago. We live in an information age and everything is processed and consumed a lot faster than ever before. Don’t reduce your number of potential career paths from infinity to one. To fully succeed in your preferred realm of  knowledge, you must nurture those qualities you have that sets you apart and makes you unique — call it your super reveller power.

A Reveller is not afraid to constantly challenge the boundaries or obstacles that he faces, because disrupting the course of the society and redefining what’s possible is our very own DNA.

Rise and grind… The dream is free but the hustle sold separately

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