The Best Fashion News of the Week

The Best Fashion News of the Week


A lot happening in fashion this season. They say that if you have power, you have to empower. Waking up every day like you are on a mission is the goal to every reveller.
This is our weekly digest of everything you need to know in the world of fashion. This column is called the Revellers Best Fashion News of the Week.
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RVLLR Mots du Jour: 

“People read without sharing, but just as often, perhaps, they share without reading.”
— Derek Thompson
“A rapidly increasing birth rate, parents having children later in life and a glut of baby-boomer grandparents with more disposable income have combined to make childrenswear a highly lucrative business.” via the Guardian 

2. Alexander Wang and the Tunnel of Branding

“Wang’s earlier collections often suggested innocence — the joy, let’s say, of being young in New York — and that quality has been gradually stamped out as he expeditiously builds a brand.” via NYMag 

3. India may become launchpad for Amazon’s fashion label

Amazon plans to create its own brands in the booming fashion and lifestyle segment in the country, making India perhaps the first country where the US e-commerce giant has its own private fashion labels, two people familiar with the company’s plans said via Times

The fledgling designer needs stronger feedback from the fashion world. I honestly think that it’s the whole tumblr generation/phenomenon that has a lot to do with the lack of critical approach. People’s knowledge of the history, not just of fashion, but culture, is as deep as their laptop screen. Read more here

5. Bitcoin is Good Money: If you acknowledge that money is simply a language to communicate value, you quickly realize that bitcoin stacks up well.

Money is generally misunderstood, which contributes to the confusion about bitcoin as a digital currency. If you acknowledge that money is simply a language to communicate value and you evaluate bitcoin objectively on the six important characteristics of money that are taught in a basic economics course, you quickly realize that bitcoin stacks up well against any form of money that has ever existed via BoF


6. Figure-Flattering Flared Trousers Swing In for Spring

Good news for some: Hip-balancing, leg-lengthening flared pants with a faint retro whiff—from fashion brands like Derek Lam, Saint Laurent, Balmain and more—are set to make a true comeback this season via WSJ 


7. Fine jewellery: Sales of the good stuff are soaring as shoppers target luxury at the click of a button

“Once the preserve of storied names with lineages as noble as their best customers’, the glittering world of the fine jeweller is ringing the changes.” via Independent 


8. American Apparel’s New CEO Wants Brand to Cover Up

American Apparel’s new CEO Paula Schneider wants to reign in the amount of skin on show in the brand’s advertising imagery via BoF



9. Chanel Raises the Stakes in the Young Designers Game

In the wake of the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize — and what is increasingly looking like a horse race to make nice with the next generation of maybe-possible fashion stars (and win their loyalty and affection for a maybe-possible future) — Chanel is putting ever-more assets into the game. Its latest vehicle: the Andam award, the second-largest grant to a young designer, albeit one willing to be based and working in France via NYTimes

10. In the Fragrance Industry, a Whiff of Change is in the Air

“The big perfume players are catching on, even if most aren’t tinkering with their most popular commercial brands. Instead, they are bringing the niche stars into their folds.” via The Globe and Mail 


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