The Best Instagram Strategy Tips for Brands (Infographic)

The Best Instagram Strategy Tips for Brands (Infographic)








Almost all the people that I know use Instagram. When it first came out, many thought it would be a fad. I was certainly not one of them but I have to admit that Facebook acquisition of the company enhanced its status of social media power player. In fact, although it’s only been around for a little more than four years, Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users who snap and post millions of photos on a daily basis. Beyond friends and family, users can follow brands for behind-the-scenes peeks. As the site evolves, a lot of companies have been using the platform in different ways and some strategies have been more successful than others.Recently,  this cloud-management platform and CRM company you might be familiar with,  Salesforce.com provided  a detailed checklist using the infographic format. In a recent blog post published by Salesforce, they write:

” From the basics like hashtags and descriptions to posting schedules and what not to do, take a look at the best ways to perfect your Instagram strategy and increase brand awareness”. Click on the image to make it bigger and view the whole strategy


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