The Top 10 Social Media News You Need to Know this Week

The Top 10 Social Media News You Need to Know this Week

Welcome to our Top 10 Social Media News, your weekly roundup of applicable and relatable links from the far corners of the Internet. Each post is curated by a member of the Revellers team. Today’s edition has been provided by Social Media & Digital Strategist   (@otowndon). Send your tips, photos, love letters, and anything else you want to Lets dive right in 














1. Google overtakes Apple as the world’s most valuable brand for 2014 : Apple is going to be looking for new advocates. Lets see what happens with the recent purchase of Beats Electronics on C

2. Facebook Introduces Facebook Audience Insights: Use these insights to understand your audience better

2. Twitter Announces Mute Feature: Shut those on your timeline who takes up all of your timeline.

3. 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report here : Like every year, Social Media Examiner debriefs us on what the industry report looks like for 2014

4.How Much Water Do You Eat? Find out the exact amount in this graph here

5. Me-Commerce and the Future of Retail: Read on where you are standing here

6. The New YouTube Guide for Brands changes EVERYTHING. Read more here 

7.  Four Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before Meeting an Investor – so vital for a startup here

8. Check out Four blogging Tools to get more bloggers via SME here

9. What Google’s Panda 4.0 Update Means To You. Big changes Ahead. Read more here

10. Five Most Inspirational Bloggers In Asia [#infographic] and the Five Most Inspirational Bloggers In the World according to

EXTRA: Hootsuite Game of Thrones Sequence for Social Media


See you next week with more tips for your social media marketing 

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