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Tsu Series I: Three Best Reasons to Join TSU

Tsu Series I: Three Best Reasons to Join TSU

Until now, most social networks have been making profits off your back  (me, you, the users) – but it seems that it is all about to change as a new company wants you to start making money from the social network you choose to use.


Remember the times when you felt that you were wasting too much time on social media ? It seems like a bad idea until TSU came into the picture. The new platform offers you a way to make money from social media. 

For those who don’t know yet, “Tsu” (pronounced “sue”), work the same way as existing social media site that you are familiar with: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, or Twitter : the difference is that Tsu vows to redirect profits to the content creators- Thats YOU!

I want to break down what special about TSU. The fact that it is a new social media network with a promising ideal is what makes it more remarkable. I have been using the tool for about a week now and I am impressed with the ease of use of TSU.

The color hues and the community on there, are just great. If you thinking about joining the platform, you should already be on it as you are reading this. Why?  You are probably already doing the same thing anyways but not on TSU. The reality is, TSU seems to offers more from the beginning. Also I have heard some people already complaining that they do not want to be recruited or spammed.  Let me tell you something: this is not about recruiting. You talk and make connections with people to grow your business. Whether you love doing on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram, you can do it on Tsu too.

Lets take a look at these three reasons why TSU is so appealing:















1. The analytics section is very clear (so far)

TSU has done what no other social media network has done for their user: giving you full access to your traffic analytics and data that, as a regular user, you would never imagined. You find out what are your most popular posts and the least popular

posts so that you can craft your content in the best way possible. The only way you could have accessed to this information previously, is by having a business page on one of your preferred social network, for branding and marketing purposes. With

TSU, a regular active content creator can view all his analytics, craft a campaign and earn or money the way you choose to.

2. The ability to edit images is comparably unmatched (for now)

Many platforms do not offer you photo – editing abilities (unless you are on Instagram or Google +).  The clever thing about TSU, has been the association with the giant Aviary to build an incredibly internal photo editing tool. Aviary is a powerful photo editor created to make a quick and easy way to edit your photos on the go with no fuss. Tsu has made sure to include all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing.

3. The revenue making is tangible and explained in a way to make it profitable to the users

The truth is we all have been using Facebook for a while.  In the meantime, Facebook has been making a lot of bread by charging money to its advertisers so that these companies can show their advertising content to its users. TSU has something else in mind: you deserve to be compensated for all the blood, sweat and tears (time + good content ) putting all that content and spending all this time in social media , should bring you some revenues and TSU wants to facilitate it.

The idea behind TSU is that the newly created social network promises to give share 90% of its revenue with its users. The concept is simple: when you write an update, share a photo, or visit a friend’s profile, cash could be earned doing what you are doing already on the regular. The real question is: How much could someone actually earn? According to their figures, there has been promising optimistic figures going as far as  could it $23.3 per day to start. You are not going to be  a millionaire overnight but you can generate income from content you are already posting and sharing anyways.

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It is INVITE ONLY for now so if you want to join the revolution, sign up using our account here 

Which part of this article do you find the most interesting? Please let me know in the comments section
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