Vintage Popeyes Magazine

 Vintage Popeyes Magazine


Here at SOR, we love reading international publications to gain inspiration and keep our mind sharp in this global world we live in. We have gathered some of the best photos from two amazing issues from  POPEYES Magazine. We have previously posted this issue of POPEYES Japan.

POPEYE magazine Japan : Popeye is a Japanese mens magazine, jam packed full of stunning photography, style, fashion and accessories as well as other lifestyle articles. Japanese POPEYE is known for their exclusive editorials featuring street-wear brands like Supreme. POPEYE brands itself as a “Magazine for City Boys” and that’s exactly what it is. It is conceptualized by editor of the magazine Takahiro Kinoshita, a man who always looks the part & is kind of a fashion guide for young urban men. Get a single copy or annual subscription, only from Magazine Cafe.

Check out one of their spreads, via Hypebeast  










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