What are Questions to Engage your Customers With?

What are Questions to Engage your Customers With?





















When you think about it, it sounds easy at first but do you really have any concrete idea on  the type of questions to engage your customers With? Lets understand that even though not all questions are equal.

I put together this list of effective questions that will make your fans exciting and down to answer anything you ask, which will make you very popular.

Question 1 – Simple

A short and simple question to ask.

What is your favourite ____________?

What would you do if you win the lottery? 1,000?

Remember that these types of questions are basically limited only by your imagination, so start thinking and ask anything you want !

Question 2 – Yes/No

This is a very basic question as well to get your fans engaged.

Do you think _____________ will be a great TV show? Yes or No?

Do you think it will be sunny tomorrow?

You can prompt your fans with the “Yes or No?” question at the end so they know what you are expecting from them. We also think that if they know all they have to do is answer with one word they will be more likely to answer.

Question 3 – Either/Or

We like these types of questions because this gives your fans the ability to have two options, asking which they prefer.

Would you rather ____________ or ____________?

Would you rather going on a cruise in the West Indies or go to Japan for a visit overseas holiday or a new kitchen?

Question 4 – Photo Question

The best thing to do is to post an image of something and then ask a question about it.

What do you think of this ____________?


Can you spot me in the crowd? Hint: I’m wearing a blue shirt.

The best approach here is to drop hints to make your fan’s task of answering the question easier – just make sure you keep it short.

Question 5 – Educational Question

We use this question a lot.  It became known as the “Did you know” question: We believe that this question one can be useful for relaying information about a wide array of topics, including your products and services.

Did you know we offer ________________?

Did you know that the price of the bus fares went up this month?

The example above is a great question to bring attention to your products and services, just don’t overdo this type of question.

Question 6 – Survey Question

This is a really powerful question to ask your fans. Not only will it encourage engagement, it will give you vital information on how you can help them even more than you are already.

What is the one thing you hate about _____________?

Are you saving for something? What’s the largest obstacle you face?

Question 7 – Did I Miss Something?

This question will probably be the longest of the questions you ask, but it can be worth it. Just make sure you make it visually easy to read (see the example below).

3 Things you must have in your _____________ – __________ & ___________ & ___________. Did I miss anything?

3 Questions to ask yourself before you buy something:

Can I really afford it?
How often will I use it?
Can I borrow it?

Did I miss any?

This sort of question gets people thinking and you will be surprised by some of the answers you get.

Double Up

You can even double up on your questions, but don’t get too fancy or complicated.

Did you know Android phones perform better than Windows Phones? Will you be buying a new phone in the next 3 months?


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