What Does #CincoDeMayo Means to You?

What Does #CincoDeMayo Means to You?
















Happy month of May Revellers!

This is the first official week of May and we already have a known, but not so known holiday called  Cinco de Mayo. Thanks to my Mexican friends who I’ve met in high school, the significance of this day was clearer to me years ago, as this was not celebrated the same way in Africa and in Europe when growing up. We put together an amazing list to get you up dated and ready for the celebration that you might have been waiting for for quite some time.

1. Tequila makers have teamed up with renowned artists to design beautiful bottles for the blue agave-based elixir. Here are six that will both look great on your shelf and make mean margaritas come May and beyond. – here

2. This Mohammad Ali Quote for his daughter is very powerful one to read, especially today. – here

3. Price of limes is rising & Margs rate might be increasing for this years Cinco de Mayo. However,  why not learn a bit about the reason this date is celebrated in the first place? – here

4 At heart, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of small victories. It might not have the grand, patriotic trappings of Independence Day or the Saturnalian frenzy of Carnival season. In Mexico, it might not even be widely observed outside the state of Puebla, where said victory once took place.  We got Recipes from refinery 29 and from Huffington Post to put you in the festive mood. – here and here

5. The Best advice on a Monday Morning!!! 20 Dos and Don’ts for #CincoDeMayo via @BuzzFeed – here

6. Who invented the margarita, a Cinco de Mayo favorite? They have a long salty history – Lear more here



















Happy Celebration Revellers


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