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TSU Series III: Why Social Media Giants May Be in Trouble

TSU Series III: Why Social Media Giants May Be in Trouble

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When you think about it many social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the users have been helping these companies and their shareholders make a great deal of money with almost no money going back to the user. We have been okay with this ideas as it has been the nor m in this new digital age, and the idea that Tsu could change the way we use these social media platforms is, needless to say, revolutionary .

Launched on October 21st, Tsu is the first social network that is opening up its bank to share 90% of the revenue generated with it’s users. Some have been saying that the Social Media giants may be in trouble! The proof is, as of today, even one of the top social media website for insights, their page has 38,000 “fans,” but Copyblogger’s presence on Facebook has not been beneficial for the brand or its audience and the website is deleting their Facebook account.

TSU works on an invite -only basis. The way it works goes like this: “That 50% of profits propagates in a series of infinite thirds up a ‘family tree’ of users that begin with the original content owner. The person who invited him is the parent, and they get a third. The person who invited that person is a ‘grandparent’ and received a third of that third. So it’s like one giant pay-it-forward platform.”


The redistribution of the sale revenue directly to its source, the users, is the reason why social media giants may be in trouble. What you can do is to invite all your friends, make it a mission to introduce Tsu to a new friend every day for 30 days. Tsu will only grow to the level that we choose to make it. Take back the ownership of your social content NOW

Sounds RVLLR, right? CLICK HERE if you want to join this social media revolution and be sure to join us on Tsu 

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